This Sunday at the Ace

Found this on Youtube, this was the crash we heard but couldnt see.

Saw it happen. that guy crashed into another biker but thankfully the inocent biker was ok. that guy cut his finger and done his collor bone. Idoit.

…That had to hurt

I was at WSB so I missed the Ace this Sunday but every year they ask us not to stunt outside the Ace because its a danger to others, they will get shut down if the doesn’t stop soon and you look really really silly when your stunt goes wrong… Poor bike.

I felt sorry for the owners of the parked bikes he crashed into.

If he had hit my bike he would have a few more broken bones

it was a major crash, his bike was totally wrecked and he managed to wreck a gilera as well.

dont think he will be doing that in a hurry

silly boy.




what a chump. He must of thought he looked like a pro stunter doing his 300mph-inch high wheelies.