This sucks.

Yes, this is a rant. And yes, I’m an emotional girly-man.

Basically, I’ve just been ripped asunder by a girl. The girl of my dreams, I thought. Turns out she ain’t so good. Yes, the story shows me to be an impulsive, stupid little boy, but I couldn’t help it. And I guess this is the best place of any, where I’ll get sympathetic ears, not sarkie facebook comments.

Anyway, I met this girl about a week ago (pretty much exactly a week ago), she was on a friend’s MSN, liked what she saw in my display picture, and we got talking. After a couple of days, I found myself really falling for her, more than I have for any girl in the past, and she seemed to return the feelings. We were texting each other all the time, on MSN into the small hours, just talking about nothing and everything. So we decided we should meet up, and we set Saturday. Spent the rest of the week talking, and I found that I really, really liked her. She was gorgeous (a shocker for someone with my looks) she was funny, witty, kind and she liked me back. Everything was great and rosy.
Along comes Saturday, and the date itself goes swimmingly, save a tiny hiccup at the start. I bought her lunch and then took her to see Planet 51, and inbetween there was plenty of what young couples do, etc etc. After the film we said our goodbyes, and I walked home feeling exubriant, thinking I’d just met the girl of my dreams and we’d last forever.

Yeah, that doesn’t happen. Not to me.

Get back, and she’s on Facebook, sending me a message about ‘do you think we’re going out’, which instantly sets alarm bells ringing in me. This was a long, drawn-out and I’ll be frank, painful conversation for me, as she basically said she wasn’t interested. I’d spent a week chatting to her, she’d said she returned the feelings, it’d been going swimmingly. i might go as far as to say I was falling in love with her, don’t care how much of a nob that makes me sound. And then she turns around and says ‘yeah, I don’t really like you in that way… sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you on’.


I feel like **** right now. I’m more upset than angry.

And writing this made me feel no better.

G’night LB. Don’t make my mistakes.

Stop being a massive gay! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear this matey! Women are complex creatures!! There are some very special ones out there though…and in this instance, this girl is not the one for you.

:smiley: agreed

watch some porn dude:D

Oi be nice! Stop being mean and so macho :stuck_out_tongue: I will come over and hit u :stuck_out_tongue:

Alex and Mad dog are spot on!

oooh she’s acting hard again!

Alex ur a shlag :smiley:

I’m quite obviously not gay, otherwise this would be about me and a Guy, wouldn’t it Alex. :wink:

Actually, I must thank you guys. You’ve forced my black humour to return. I like my black humour, but it only pops up at bad moments. Ah well! I’ll take a drink of water and man the lordy! up then, eh! Onwards and upwards!

If you insist, I can lead you on too! :smiley:

I have going to say +1 because I don’t wanna to be nasty…
Actually, just by what I just read, I know why she is not going for you… I think she likes MAN!!!

I’d much prefer if you didn’t, but I can never quite tell with you fitness instructor types. All that self-love can’t be healthy. :stuck_out_tongue:

C’mon baby, give daddy some love :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew it.

I freakin’ knew it. :w00t:

Now you have broken my heart! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

There’s room enough for everyone! :smiley:

Just as an added bonus to the gossip in this wonderful extravegance of a thread, she’s just changed her MSN name. It now reads ‘He wants me ;)’

Now that’s not nice, is it kids?

Not nice…but funny :cool:

There better be some room for me :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Always room for fake blondes! :smiley: