This shouldn't be funny

For all the complaining we do about the police in this country… at least we know they’d never do this!


Who is she?


He he he, attitude+tazer=lesson in civility.

We don’t know anything Matt, I lost the feeling in one hand for six weeks as a result of being cuffed too tight after I stopped in front of a guy who was driving whilst on his mobile phone, and then got pulled off my bike by a plainclothes cuntstable.

Fortunately, it wasn’t my right hand

I suppose your average copper in this country doesn’t have to worry about a car driver pulling a piece on them and shooting them from inside the car. At least she got tazed and not sprayed or shot.

You’ve got to love this country. I do have a little laugh when I hear things like “If you make guns illegal, do you think that’ll stop gun-crime?!” … well it’ll slow it down, yeah, dur, it’s not just hardened crims that use what they have at hand in a fit of anger.

By the sounds she was making I reckon shes just had the best orgasm of her life!

They do do things very differently to ‘us’ out there.

Mind, I wouldn’t argue with a bloke with a taser as I know exactly how one feels !

Listening to the commentry by the cop is very interesting - they obviously take no chances - but then when you have to expect that everyone carrys a pistol of some sort - you can’t take any!

I’ve been tasered once… when I was a nurse working in A&E - we went on a course when they where first introduced to the South Wales Police… we were tought how the affected people, what kinds of injuries where possible etc etc… so to show us… the tasered one of us…

It’s not nice… it hurts like sin… but you do exactly as you’re told and 10 mins afterwards there’s hardly any residual pain.


Seen that one… actually this type of stuff is why I moved back to Europe from the U.S. Lived there for three years. Had the cr@p kicked out of me once by a policeman with a MagLite (the big one with 4 DD batteries) and just concluded it’s a police state and I need to leave. I don’t wanna live in a country where I have to fear the police. But since Stockwell I’m not so sure about this place either.

Yep, I know this sounds a bit daft but I’d actually rather be tasered than hit with a baton.

The chances are that the Baton would do you more longer lasting damage than the taser.

I find being polite to police doesnt get me tazared/battoned/Maglited etc. Was going to say that I dont give them reason to pull me over but that would just jinx it!!

I know every other person has a gun over there but the woman was on the phone and if the two men dragged her out of the SUV im sure the male offices could of handled it tazing her was way over the top.

…I really dislike ____

I think tazing was used correctly in that one… only difference is I would have used a bit more communication skill to make sure she knew what she was letting herself in for.

The other cops on here will probably agree that a ‘5 step’ appeal process was not used.

CS spray is pants (unless you’re one of the few who are allergic to it),

Captor Spray stings bad, and you will comply, no matter how big/tough you are.

Tazors are only carried by armed police, but, lot’s of talk about arming everyone (The Met want to arm everyone including PCSO’s, and the scarey thing is, they have the stock to do so).

Batons, do permanent damage, even death. problem is, you can get your skull fractured, and still be adherant enough for about 20-30mins to do damage to someone before the internal bleeding makes you unconsious.

You know how a bloke with a tazer feels or you know how it feels to be tazered…?

Do tell us about your tazering experience.

hahaha yeah plz do tell…


I just got hit in the arm and not the full body.

It was enough to make me scream and it felt as if I’d been hit by a car initially.

About 5 to 10 minutes after though, I felt as right as rain.

A few other Taserings caught on vid -

Follow Chris Rock’s advice and you should never be tasered !