This painted helmet... Awesome or Stupid?

Who will be the first car-park hero to have one!

oh dear oh dear oh dear!

Oh come on that is awesome!

i want one :smiley:


hehe…cool, but you’d need the right bike and leathers or it would ruin the effect.

SPOOKY! The Dominos pizza dude just turned up wearing one of them - scared the sheet outta me! lolz

seriously though, I like the concept and think its cool looking, but it wouldn’t get nowhere near my head.

I’m not sure I like the bit over the visor that much though.

I was reading the comments underneath and Hysan summed it up nicely:

“I want it, and I don’t even ride a bike!”

I think that’s where my conflicts lie on it - it appeals to my geek side rather than my biker side :slight_smile:

Looks pretty cool to me.

I wouldn’t wear it but If I saw someone with one I’d think it was cool.

I like the idea and if someone rocked up with matching leathers it would be mental and I bet there will be a few Tron based designs coming out when the film get released.


not as good as the Predator one i have seen, i think carter forty one did it, and others like it.

reminds me of Lorenzo’s Captain America helmet - SO cool but nobody can pull an over the top design like that off :slight_smile:

A lot cheaper to do it this way:

SkullSkins (USA)

HelmetSkinz (UK)

Bought a “Robot” one for my off road helmet last year…very easy to fit/take off and wash!!


u barstool! now i’ll have to order one of these :smiley:

its very “Alex Gold” the regulars on here will know exactly what i mean!!:P:P:P;)