This one bandcamp....

Seeing as there are always so many threads on here that start…

‘I hate BMW Drivers because…’

‘I was sitting at the lights and you’ll never guess what this idiot did…’

‘Car pulled out on me this morning shocker…’

Why doesn’t everyone just stick them in here. We know that riding a bike is more dangerous than walking, and riding in London can be more dangerous still…but what does anyone really gain from all these threads about how a pedestrian/cabbie/fellow rider/JCB/Wet weather/The Easter Bunny tried to purposefully kill you on your commute. You can mitigate the danger with training, experience and proper obs. As time in the saddle increases then so does ‘the sixth sense’ and defensive riding.

I would hazard that the only thing that can be learned from these threads generally is that people are bored at work and want to post something…anything for a bit of peer group approval.

Having been on a couple of other bike related forums, this one seems unique to me in the daily litany of attempted murder out on those streets.

People will no doubt say that this is the general section and they can post what they want but it is soooooooo boooooooring.


In 2 years of commuting to London I can honestly say that I’ve not had a problem with anyone on the road not seeing me or cutting me up etc! Now and then i get into a bit of a tight situation but thats my own doing, nobody elses :slight_smile:

I guess Im just lucky :hehe:

Think it helps the poster more than anything just let off some steam…I’m cool with that.

Speaking of which I was in metropolis today and saw the new Daytona 675 in british racing green…oooooooo mammy…:stuck_out_tongue:

When I’m riding I’m usually the bad guy :satisfied:

i think it helps to share sometimes :slight_smile:
we all need reassurance etc from time to time; especially us newbs

although i can appreciate that it can be a bit like trying to watch ITV; just switch to another topic/post mate :wink:

i reckon the posts make good reading and let everyone have a whinge and as you say it IS a general chat section.

i hope i get a chance to do a bit of filtering myself today but if these hail stones get any bigger out here they’ll make pot holes in the road


quality :wink:

excellent :cool:

As Elad said it’s a chance for people to let off steam and maybe gain advice from other riders.

Many of the things that occur are avoidable once it’s been pointed out.

Things like watching car wheels, drivers heads, looking for that escape route. It’s stuff like that which comes from experience and should be shared IMO:)

ha ha nice avatar :smiley:

the smallest body builder on the world :w00t: saw documentary about him the other day

I know what your saying, that it can seem really boring and mundane, to read about who bought what new jacket or who nearly got hit and nearly hit that cat,bird,tree…etc… but can also agree with chunks …plus for some newbies who havent had these things occur to them and hopefully never do, it helps to give them some insight into what CAN happen…its not us (all the time) from the most experienced to the very first timers on their bikes…it happens, and all these situations talked about on here happen too…so guess its just a way of letting off steam, more than trying to get forum “support” or notoriety as such?..I remember reading about a poor biker who was on some country lanes and he misjudged a bend, went into a ditch, hit a tree and died with his bike on top of him in the undergrowth…no one knew he was there as he couldnt be seen from the road…and someone put something up about it on the forum? I for one, had never thought about that and it makes me a bit more wary when im on my own in a country lane…never used to think about those things…As for the “i bought this that or the other for my bike or myself and wondered who else had bought same and what they thought of it”…well…as long as they are happy…:wink:

It is called chatting…:smiley: if you think it’s boring crap then don’t click on it simple:P

Or dont give your 2 cents worth saying its crap - I for one LOVE a good WINGE!!!

(Yes the doubble-U is the right way up. I like the other too!;))

At least it’s bike related, unlike some of the other Crap posted on here!!

Help with my washing machine??? What colour pants should I wear???

any post by Steve Wright etc!!

And where else would us post whores keep our tally up?:smiley:

From what i hear, youd keep it up anywhere !! :wink:

Well if you don’t like to read things about fellow bikers then don’t read BIKE forums:Whistling:

Wow blade - you must know chunks a hell of a lot better than the rest of us… :wink:

It is the sheer negativity of most of it that irritates me. Usually used to attack some other form of road user as the ‘incident’ is hardly ever the fault of the rider eh!!Ergo the posts are useless as nobody is willing to learn from their own mistakes. Having ridden in London for 8 years (albeit only three of those through the winter) I have had one accident and SHOCK Horror…it was my fault pure and simple. A few close shaves maybe but nothing particularly memorable and nothing worth anyone’s valuable internet skiving time :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you’re having a whinge at the whingers mate ;)The Internet is a vacuum that must always be filled, whether with nonsense or useful things.I can do both :slight_smile: