This must be worth a mint.....

£100k for the plate?

Considering its on a Rolls the owner must have bought the plate with his/her lose change! :smiley:

been driven around in one of those and they are like a water bed on wheels

now if it was in a line of others with

001,002,003,004,005,006,008,009 etc then i would say

Flash bastard but until then

worth a mint

Trebor or Polo ? or possibly a foxes glacier …

007 on a roller? Bizarre. Should be on an Aston or Lotus.

the plate i want is only £250 :open_mouth:

Coming along the embankment towards battersea bridge from earls court a guy has a db9 and a sporty jag always parked next to eachother with the plates 2 BE , NOT 2 BE

I still liked the plate I saw on a Range Rover Sport (horrible car) before it was launched.