This may be a rumour but......

A friend of mine has heard that the neighbours of the Ace Cafe are trying to get it closed by “driving like loonies and behaving in an anti social manner”. Allegedly they would like to extend their premises.

Anyone heard of this or has he got it wrong?

They have been trying to close it down for years. :slight_smile:

not gonna happen

Does the Ace even have any neighbours apart from the North Circular and the railway line?

christ if getting the place shut down could be done by idiots driving like loonies, then the Ace is trying to put itself out of business…nothing to see here, move along :wink:

Yeah… The block of flats next to it.

A: Don’t move next to the Ace if you don’t like bikes!
B: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth if it’s a free flat :stuck_out_tongue:

And a breakers round the back

never heard of anything like that before

It won’t happen, people have tried before and failed.

besides, the Ace cafe has nothing to do with the noise, there just serving coffee and questionable food to a few bikers :wink:

To be fair to the people in the flats, they could have moved there during the many years that it was closed for - the cafe is old but it hasn’t been a cafe continually - this is a reincarnation. :wink:

Neighbours of the Ace driving like loons to try to get it shut down? I think they’d probably write to the council first. Are they marking their vehicles to distinguish themselves from everyone else?