This looks like a good product...

Sorry if this has been posted before (couldn’t find after searching), but it looks like a very interesting idea.

this link to the Tucano Urbano site.
Semi-instant parking for you and some friends. !?

Not the easiest thing to carry on a bike…an interesting idea, but never going to pass muster with our good ol’ friendly traffic wardens…

That’ll be why it’s a p*ss take then :wink:

Not available commercially, and a big disclaimer about the unlawful occupation of public spaces :smiley:

Rather carry some paint and make them permanent :smiley:

That I like. Or more of those parking meter socks with ‘Solo Motorcycles Only’ on them- bit more portable.

I like the idea but i can`t see local councils likeing it.

For those who are interested and don’t already know Westminster Council website is now saying that they are increasing the number of motorcycle parking bays by 20% starting now. This is the (rather long) link:

They say they are deploying ‘solo motorcycles only’ socks on parking meters throughout the borough- so far I’ve spotted only one on Devonshire Street W1. Has anyone seen any others?

Good news or bad news? See other threads for portents of doom vis a vis Westminsters plans for the future.