This isn't biking, but it is a picture...and you MUST read it, its hilarious.

This could only happen in America and is frankly the most genius work of an insane culture with its head firmly up the AR$E of “money”

Its all fun and games until someone goes to jail lmao

Oh…my…god, lol!!! Superb! Can you imagine that happening here, I don’t think so!

now where did i hear that before

plagarism i tell you plagarism

i am gonna tell on you i am gonna tell on you

ner ner ner

Funny very funny. as you said only in the USA

I was just thinking what are you on about then it hit me and she’ll HIT me if you tell her


I told I told

(I am such a little tattle tale)

and the response I got was:

its all fun and games till someone steals my line

only in the usa

Ill being seeing her in about an hour and if she hits me, ITS ON YOUR HEAD

Its all fun and game until someone tattle tales on you

That’s an oldie but a goodie.

Incidentally, it’s a 10 year old urban myth: Only in Britain would we believe what we read in the papers about stories that could only happen in America.

What fools we are eh? lol!!!11eleven

Yeah, soon as I sent it to a mate, he linked me to three sites saying…you sucker, urban myth…ah well!

Post up the myth link