This is why you don't use your front brake in a corner

OUCH :w00t:

Ouch :pinch:

Why did we need to use his brake at that speed?

Armchair commentator:Looks like he was running wide into the scenery - panicked - instinctively grabbed a handful - locked up and went down - if he’d stayed off of the brakes and applied some counter steering and tightened his line he would have been fine.

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imo looks like his front slid out on something (loose dirt?). Grabbing a handfull of front would *sit * the bike up mid corner no?

I know what you mean, braking will stand the bike up in a corner - but if he felt that he was running off the road (and from his POV it would have looked much more scary) got target fixation on the verge rather than looking for where he wants to be going and then in a panic grabbed a large handful of front - and locked the front - he’s going down fast - even more so because the tyres cranked over on it’s side with even less of a contact patch than usual. Swot I reckon anyway - more than happy to be corrected ;):smiley:

Looks just like that from my armchair too :smiley:

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nah i think its loose dirt as i grab a hand full of front break and it stood me up and sent me off in a straight line kman was the result of that

you sure it was’nt a strong cross wind that got him:P

nah thatll be if he ran wide into the path of a merc and punto;)

Have to agree, he was already off line so panic’d and tucked the front.

Just goes to show how much the bike and rider will slide at such a slowish speed. Countersteer and a bit of leaning off the bike would have saved the moment.

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I would suggest that person take up a new hobby…something that DOESN’T involve a motor and two wheels…that was just a pitiful effort…he/she was just completely unprepared for the challenges of riding, it appeared to me.

ouch!! nasty… looks to me like he started admiring the scenery and we all know you go where you look. nearly done the same myself. hope he/she was ok…

Aha…Ta…I’d seen that vid elsewhere with no explanation and I’d wondered why he’d gone down…

From mo2k’s unlucky thread today, Sid (pity not to meet you on Sunday’s rideout, i only briefly spotted your bike :slight_smile: ).

rear went from under = leaning bike over
flung = bike sitting up and flipping, agreed? though ‘highside’ is a possibility :slight_smile:
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Hello k-man - your absolutely right about bikes flipping upright on application of front brakes - I’m not an expert or anything but I think that grabbing the front brakes and locking up the front can also result in hitting the deck pretty fast like the bike in the vid - I experienced this myself once when filtering on the outside of a queue of traffic a few years back - car u-turned in front of me - I grabbed a handful of front and was pitched straight down on the deck - it was like a large hand just pushed me and the bike down and into the road - me and the bike then slid down the road for a bit!

I reckon it can go both ways depending on circumstances - but yes standing up on the brakes mid-corner is the most likely thing to happen if you apply too much braking when cornering. I guess the juries out on what precisely happened in the vid.

Nice rideout on sunday wasn’t it? Hope to catch you next time k. :cool: