this is what you call a street race.....

Haha. Those bundles of hay are sure to protect the kiddies stood behind them on those corners :smiley:

Not sure who’s more mental… the riders or the spectators!!:w00t:

Un, Be, Funky, Leeve-It-Able! :w00t:

i think youde be safer racing than watching,bet the marshals and medics are useless

The spectators are well protected as that thin yellow tape will stop anything.:smiley:

like it!!

reminds me of a few runs from BM to Ace with Mr Moto leading:D

and BM to CB!

crazzzzzzzzy:D but you gota love it:hehe:

North West what?!lol - mental!

Agreed about it being safer to be a rider that a speccy!

Do they still run this because I want to go!!

Thankfully Spain hasn’t got as bad as England in regards to Health & Safety and leaves the decision of whether to attend a race like this (with all it’s inherent risks) down to the individual.

Who knows, it might catch on :hehe:

Oh yeah, love it and want to go watch :slight_smile:

2T Powaaaaah :laugh:

Much rather be a rider, just think of all those squishy bodies to protect you from the wall should you come off :smiley: