this is our site what you all think.

please tell me what you think its not all finished yet but will be soon.

so if anyone here wants to sponser us give us a shout well sort something out.

me and the rest of the team would like to thank everyone for there support over the last few months since we have been coming down the ace for this short time we have met some great people down there. roll on summer 2006

Love the disclaimer ;0

Hey Billy, looking good, glad to see you guys are building up your game. Love the use of the LB photos, though would you mind hooking us up with a link? All the best for next year, look forward to seeing you guys perform pro.

yes mate no probs, i’ll get it sorted asap

we get the same back???

Looking good Billy Ray

Looks good ! I like it! Well done boys

Yeah … great site!! I’ll be keeping an eye on it for sure.