This is not a happy sprocket

For those who wouldlike to see what one FUBAR’d sprocket looks like, see below, and as a comparison, a happy sprocket. hope all of your looks lke pic 2


I wonder if “edited by moderator” would agree

Yay! I have been moderated again! Libel implications my arse. <yawn> If anyone should possibly feel the need to know what word was “edited by moderator”, feel free to PM me.

That certainly is not a happy sprocket!

Caught just in time by the looks of it.

That’s not bad for only several weeks of wear

Thanks again Russ for helping me change it.

Vegas nice one getting the work done on your bike so quickly that really did look dangerous as ****.

But what did the front sprocket look like? The front sprocket always fares worse than the rear, having fewer teeth.

The last time I changed the chain and sprockets on my KL250, I knew the front sprocket was knackered because, if I let the chain get a bit loose, it would jump and I’d lose drive. It looked like this:

You wouldn’t have thought it would give any drive at all, but it did.


The front sprocket was Ok ish, as it was worn to the chain, Mr Edit only changed the back sprocket