this is my cx500

this is my cheap bike i brought to get me around

i see no bike?

for some reason my home computer wouldnt let me print photos of bike ive done it now

She’s pretty. I quite fancy something like that myself but know nothing of tinkering with bikes so that’s put me off.

I had one that colour… Till I painted it matt black… took the indicators off and re-taped up the seat…Used to despatch on one part time in the early nineties… Till it ended up wedged in a bus stop when I came of it on diesel outside Kingston Bus Garage c.1993:w00t:

I had a really nice one…:ermm:

the guy that owned it had the bike for 14years and was 62 years old i have full history on the bike its in great condition for an 86 model

jackpot… CX500s… they go forever!!! handy shafty too…

I’m happy with my 2005 CBF500 ABS Model with 95000 on the clock… Got a massive service history too… (It was despatched but serviced well)

paid peanuts for it…

honda have great engines

what sort of money do u earn doing dispatct work i wouldnt mind doing that myself

i did part time despatching for 2 years in the early 90’s… Trouble is… The faster I got to places the more money I earnt… Only did 2 years because I didn’t think I’d survive another year doing it…

If you are prepared to do the hours and dash around like a loony then the money is good… (not sure about wages/earning now though)

I just remember it taking it’s toll on the bike and me…

I always came in stinking and filthy…

Couldn’t do it now even if I was desperate… (I was 23/24 then)

im just worried about going through london i dont know london that well and having to sort out me own taxes would be a pain in the ar*e

i would have to get a satnav if i done that work

I had an A-Z gaffa taped to the tank… classy…

I tended to do the distance work then…

London to Bristol and back in Febuary on nearly bald tyres and rubbish brakes

in the pouring rain wasn’t much fun…

can you chose to do distance work then

i wouldnt mind doing something like that rather than do lots of little jobs

some guys prefer town some distance…

i suppose it depends on the company…

and the picking order of the riders…

next year i might do abit of courier work on my days off see what i think of it cheers:D

Nice tidy “Plastic Maggot” you have there Dave:)

Something aint quite right though. There is no way that is a 1986 bike though unless its been imported with no proof of age or hidden in a crate for 4-5 years.

Thats a 1981-83 model. By 1984 they had changed to the square Euro styling. The front wheel is off an earlier “non-reverse comstar” model.

Nice bike all the same:)


The black reverse comstar wheel ties up with the aluminium radiator shroud which would make it around a W or X reg in UK. The silver conventional comstar wheel would have come off an earlier T, V or W reg bike.

As I say it may have been laying in a crate til '86 or imported then but either way its a nice find:)


what happend to the kwaka mate? what bike you got planned next then? :slight_smile:

i sold that piece of sh*t worst bike i ever brought i much preffer the cx500