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Why aren’t any of them being sent to Siberia or Alaska? There’s HUGE amounts of room. I’m sure Europe wouldn’t mind giving each family a saw, an axe, a hammer and a couple of hundred nails from which they can make their own homes from the 1000’s of trees available. Then we could give them all guns to hunt and protect themselves … Oh of course then they’d start shooting each other, someone would declare the lands a state of Islam, and the friendly lot would run to Russia or America for asylum. At which point Russia would close its boarders, and start shooting people who jumped the fencing. America would then retaliate, and nuc Russia, who in turn would nuc America.

If all goes well, Russia and America would wipe each other out; the immigrants would all be dead from hunger, cold, or killing each other; Africa would be empty; the Middle east would be empty; Oil prices would come down; flight costs would therefore come down … and the end result would be we of Great Britain could choose where we wanted to go for our CHEAP holidays without the constant loud mouth Yanks bigging themselves up in the bars, or Russia ‘bears’ running around the pool sides in 1970’s swimming wear.


Latest image of NATO’s middle eastern protection force:

Umm … haven’t we been here before …?

Ian Williamson for Prime Minister…
You get my Vote sir :slight_smile:

would you really give someone a gun ?

Wise … In true British Government style, I’d give them the guns, but no ammunition. Then, if they go get ammo from someone else … well its not my fault they killed each other with bullets from someone else !!!

And anyway, I’d make sure the guns were oiled with the wrong oil causing the weapons to constantly jam …

We’re really not, and our birth rate’s definitely emptying us. It’s here because here’s as good as anywhere else, and they’re arriving almost everywhere else as well.

Run away from the problem here in order to be a problem in someone else’s country?

The west judges the world’s ills. There’s an awful lot that we find abhorrent in the West that passes for normal diplomacy in the bits of the world we like to treat as backwards and primitive.

Nobody’s being sent, they’re moving of their own volition. I’m intrigued by this idea that the country is somehow full, where does that come from? What’s the limit?

Have you been to hospital lately ? How long did it take? Have you got kids in schools? Are they being taught to say words in Romanian? Are senior school places in your area hard to get a place in due to too many applications and not enough places? Have you applied for a council property lately? If so, Have you been told the criteria??

I have had personal experience in all of the above and know first hand there is too many people in such a small place!

Also, if it is safety and security from their own countries they are looking for. What is wrong with the dozen safe and secure countries they pass through to get here?? The majority only want to come here for the benefit system!!

I’m not sure what the teaching of foreign languages has to do with anything, but those all sound more like a broken system than one in a country with too many people - you’d surely expect any increase in population to include an increase in the people working in these services?

We covered this the last time you had this rant, but didn’t you just complain that the benefits system is (in part) broken?

Not exactly a language you need though is it???

And im not moaning about them coming here for the benefits, if I knew a country where you can go and get all that for free I would want to go there, so yes… It is the system that is at fault for making it so easy to do nothing and get so much in return!!

Sam is complaining rightfully, as he knows the migrants would all be crammed into Essex shall they manage to get in.

Do you genuinely believe that people are risking death for themselves and their children in the hope that they can get a council flat in Hull and £30 (or whatever it is) a week? And that’s only after they’ve proven themselves to be genuine.

As for the country being full, it isn’t, there is loads of room (although it may seem so if you’re in London) and if you want more NHS staff and more builders, I highly recommend not reducing immigration.

And I don’t see a problem with kids learning words in Romanian, even though most Romanians I meet speak English and one other language already. It’s a beautiful country and being able to speak the language opens up some great biking holiday options.

This thread is about the humanitarian crisis involving people drowning quite far away from our borders in order to escape a civil war.

The responses here suggesting that “the majority” of these men, women, and children that are risking their lives are doing so for the sole purpose of abusing our benefits system is completely deplorable and ignorant.

No-one is suggesting these people should all live here on 50k a year whilst not working and speaking purely in their mother tongues - or other misinformed and bigoted views - but rather what can be done to address the issue by our government and the European countries involved.

I don’t have kiddies myself, so I can only imagine the pain and fear that people must go through to decide that the risks are worth it.
It’s one issue as to what happens once a refugee reaches the shores of safe land, its a seperate issue to ensure the safe passage of refugees to somewhere they can sort themselves out.
If the parents of that little boy still live, I send them all my thoughts. I can’t imagine their pain.

And to think all this pain and suffering is caused by a delinquent few. It’s beyond comprehension.
Imagine being born somewhere that is not safe to bring up your own children. All of it is a head f***.

That all said, i wouldnt want to be the couple in the background of the picture still fishing… thats a bit macabre if the rest wasn’t bad enough…

@Big Red S - my comment was actually referring to the plethora of articles stating that it is somehow Europes responsibility to take on the flux of migrants and more specifically Merkel’s comments and even some celebs comments that the UK in particular should be taking in yet more immigrants.
No the UK isn’t “physically” full but our system (read educational, health and benefits) is already swollen to a state that’s not realistically sustainable. That’s not wholly the fault of migrants, I’m not saying that at all, however, there is no fooling ourselves that it’s just simply adding more strain on the economy.
As for immigrants bringing in more labour (referring to the non-skilled workforce here) correction, immigrants present cheap labour for employers who in turn try their hardest to undermine the existing UK workforce by perpetuating the myth that all locals are jobsworths. Then the exceptions to the rule are used to further reinforce this.
For those genuinely seeking asylum, I think I speak for most people in the UK when I say we would gladly support them. Unfortunately, as per usual, so many have taken advantage of that compassion that the majority of residents here have become jaded and cynical with all those “seeking asylum”

There is some sad comments around here, I really wish none of you have to go through this ever.

Have you been to hospital lately ? How long did it take? Have you got kids in schools? Are they being taught to say words in Romanian? Are senior school places in your area hard to get a place in due to too many applications and not enough places? Have you applied for a council property lately? If so, Have you been told the criteria??

I believe many of these issues only really concern in London and the SE. Back where I grew up on Shropshire/North Wales border, it’s the opposite problem. Schools closing and shrinking from lack of kids. Hospitals being consolidated (with the opposite issue of crazy long distances to nearest A&E). My sister in law in a bit of a crisis was offered many choice of council property in surrounding villages before she settled on one in the main town. The schools I attended were pretty much 100% white English mono culture - with the knock on effect I cringe at the latent racism that seems to be the norm amongst friends and family up there. All my school friends leading decent professional careers have had to migrate to big cities and the SE. Most others left are stuck in basic jobs (if at all).

Yeah, London is pretty densely populated, but there’s a hell of a lot of pros that come with that, the opportunities, the honey pot of culture and ideas, efficiencies of scale and such like. The country has had wave after wave of migrants from our past colonies and the rest of the world over the decades, and all have contributed much. We should help those in need, and I’m sure they’ll provide much in return in the longer term.