And our governements are doing nothing…

well done.

you should work for sky news.

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certainly if we can spare a thought for Cecil the Lion, we can spare some thoughts for these guys

This situation is heart-wrenching, it really is … but what is the answer to all of this …?

There are TWO problems here; one is the asylum seekers fleeing war and the like, while two is the economic migrant seeking a ‘better life’ - with BOTH being used and abused by illegal traffickers …

Yes we need to help those fleeing - but do we offer a permanent place, or once their country is ‘safe’, should they be sent back?

Economic migrants are shown to increase GDP in this country … so should we turn them away, or shout that ‘there’s too many of them’ …? Or do we invite those that historically have shown they can better our Country and toss out those that only draw from it …

And then where do we house this influx? In 2006/7 the Barker Review stated that to keep up with needs this country needed to build 250,000 houses PER YEAR. The then Government agreed and set this as an annual target.

In 2006/2007 we managed 219,000.
In 2013 we managed 135,500.
In 2014 we managed 141,000

This is with a background of migration increasing year on year …

At this rate Africa and the Middle east will be empty, with only the sound of the odd hard-line sniper shot to break the silence …

Meanwhile, here in the England and Wales (I won’t say the UK as Scotland is getting soooo fed up with the promises that have been broken, it’ll have another referendum soon and break away) it’ll be like the tube at peak rush hour - but everywhere.

Answers on a postcard please !!!

More EU spending in the region (military) to secure areas for these people to be safe.

People in Europe live their live in a bubble,lives taken over by consumerism and mateterealistic possessions,stuff like this happens around the world day in day out.the press print a picture and it s a subject of conversation for a couple days,by next week most will have forgotten and be back to talking about what happened in eastenders last night.
It’s a strange world we live in.

I agree with Martin 100%, if they claim we can’t have them here at least we should guarantee their safety on their homes

At this rate Africa and the Middle east will be empty …

Ian i do like the sound of that.
well in time for my retirement. a nice little hut in the jungle to look forward to. bring it on. :smiley:

It’s almost two years to the day since everyone congratuleted themselves on apparently persuading parliament to vote to just ignore the Syrian civil war until it just went away.

So … we’re to head over to Syria / Iraq and fight IS. At a cost of BILLIONS and a time period of MANY MANY years. This fight will br seen as a new crusade and draw in Muslims from across the globe. Would this though stop the floods of people - or make it worse?

Or we in affect police the coast and blast anything that trys to cross? Borders would be clossed and millions stacked up against borders.

Or do we simply create massivr camps to house them all, putting prople off first coming - all in favour shout Ya Mein Furhrer !!

I’m no expert…well in anything really… but there doesn’t seem to be any sort of solution to this

Dude! know you said it was graphic but may be a warning about what!!!

I heard about this on the news and broke my heart, I have kids not much older and that has genuinely made me feel sick…

I’m not having a pop in any way at all, may be you should just let people know what they are about to see…

Just my tuppence worth

I’ve not read all the answers as can’t be bothered, I’m really sorry for these people that are from these war torn countries and do think they deserve Better, But…Why here? we are full!! our Hospitals can’t cope and our Government is so weak they are scared to turn them away. I personally think it is time to pack up and leave this country and let the Imigrants have it!! this country will not cope and it will cripple under the strain of letting them all in!!

If you don’t like my views i personally couldn’t give a F+%ck, this is my country and i love it, i would defend these shores with my life if it ever happened again, but its getting to the stage where i’m beginning to think its not worth it, and pack up and move to OZ.

It’s time the other rich arab countries started opening their doors, rather than the closed door exclusive policy that they currently have. It simply cannot be the west has to bare the burden of the worlds ills.

this is shocking, this picture made me teary in a morning …terrible

Sorry if I did upset you with the image… however a bit of a shock is sometimes needed. I agree, arab countries should open their doors as well, plus they have more in comon to facilitate integration (faith and religion for starters).

I do think that western countries should go on a full scale military operation until not a single IS fighter is breathing on earth. We do have the resources and intel. The problem is that unfortunately for them, they don’t have enough oil or natural resources for the western countries to worry.

It is no more shocking that the image of the girl running from the Napalm attack in Vietnam:

One is an act of desperation of the parents, and the other is a callous attack using despicable weapons on or near civilians. Both are shocking, but both need to be in the public mind on how brutal and cruel the world is.

is it a shock or a way to sell newspapers
What is happening now in one way or another has been going on for years in loads of different countries & not just that last few months

^^what he says. i keep having to find new reasons not to be ashamed to be a human being. i’m running out of excuses.

I’m with IanWilliamson and Sam, sending them here isn’t the answer.
Our little island simply cannot accommodate them, both financially and physically. I’d rather our government (and others) showed their support, as previously suggested, by funding military protection and secure locations.