This is getting ridiculous

i have just pushed my bike home nearly 2miles!!the battery died on me while i was at sainsburys garage, i had just ridden it from work and thought id buy some rizzla, went to start it up and nothing, checked all the usuals like neutral with sidestand up, emergency engine stop turned off etc etc. okay i thought i’ll call the AA to start me up, then i suddenly realised **** im too close to home since i dont have homestart so ive had to push it back.

this is the 4th time this has happened now, and everytime im told the battery is fine and the alternator is fine.

ARGHHHHHHHH!!! sweating like a bitch!

is it a honda, have you checked the reg/rectify?

yep fine too APARENTLY!

were you able to bump start it? did it turn? did lights turn all at all?

I thought if you more than half a mile from home AA covered you. RAC do:)

Either…your battery isnt holding charge , its not charging, or its discharging suddenly.
If there are no signs of an antermittent short to earth i would just buy a new battery.
Whats the worse that could happen ? have just bought a spare battery .

Assuming of course that when it has died on previous occasions you have recharged the battery and its been ok for a little while .

Just quit smoking?:wink:

Taking the key out and leaving the parking light on…!!!

Should have just bump started it…then signed up for a 400 mile rideout with the bike in the same condition!

…ah, just me then. :smiley:

Not sure if this has been suggested already but have you checked the alarm… My Bandit’s alarm would drain the battery continually. Particularly when it did the self arming thing cos I hadn’t switched it off to sleep mode. Also, I’m sure someone must have recommended this already but are you puttin it on a trickle charger at night… ? Might help?

it took me 25 mins to walk it home, i’d have been waiting at least 40 mins for the AA to turn up anyway, just didnt see the point, also i didnt realise it was 2 miles, i thought it much shorter.

tbh, ive never bump started a bike before and didnt know how to, i saw my instructor do it a few times but dont know what it involves other than running with it and jumping on the seat…what gear etc i dont know

NO! although i will be soon.also my rizzla was a secondary reason for stopping, i thought i’d check my tyre pressures while i was there

it usually happens when im siting on my bike with the engine off and i put it onto service mode so that the alarm doesnt go off when it automatically turns itself on with the engine off. ive got an optimate but dont use it all the time, i probably should. its plugged into it now so fingers crossed it works in the morning

If the battery is knackered it will take more than a few hours for it to fullu charge. You need to check that it holds the charge & that the bike charges the battery.

If the battery is OK and fully charged it should read around 13 Volts.
Start the engine and have it idle. You will see it rise a little, to about 13,5 V
Now rev it up to 4000 RPM. Now you should see full charge, somewhere in the range of 13,9 and 14,5 Volt.

also might be worth to check what the discharcge rate is this will identify any problems like alarm or shirt circuts.

turn off the ignition, disconnect the ground cable of the battery and connect the amperimeter between the ground cable and the battery terminal in series. current leakage should be under 1.2mA

To bump start just put in Second with clutch in ignition on.push/run next to the bike and once youre up to a few mph release clutch so that it ready to pull the clutch in again once it starts.
Hope this helps

ok, so heres the story…dont know how old ur bike is, but mines a 2005? got it from new and tbh honest the only probs ive had is with my batteries !! ive had to buy 5 batteries in 4 years !! So…i go out on my bike with Loopy, we get to southend, i go to turn into a road and it dies…not the first time, so i thought “here we go again”…it had been playing up anyway recently…and i was always putting it on the optimate…had to stay home on rideouts too cos couldnt get it started…

So…i go to the dealer and says, “can u please check my alternator cos im sick of buying batteries” they first checked the battery and said, “no problem”…then they checked the alternator and hey presto !! one knackered (and has been for some time) part…

So…they tell me that i can have it recoiled, so im saying “well come on then lets do it” then the boss comes in and says “hold on, this is under warrenty, HONDA has extended the warranty on ALL alternators on the 2005 blades as they recognise there is a fault with the ones that were put on these bikes”…

So… they have my bike, i get a brand spanking new alternator that goes into the new bikes, all up to date and now, my battery is being charged properly…

End of story. Err…if your bikes not the 2005 model you may not be so lucky as ive been in that it wouldve cost me bout £300 + to get new inc labour…:wink:

Definitely need to learn how to bumpstart a bike, one of the most useful skills. Pang above got it right…

Just out of interest, how do you bump start a bike??? :w00t:

do you release the clutch fully? if the bike doesnt start surely the bike will stop abruptly, and i’ll probably fall over :w00t:

bike will judder a little bit but is fine… i give mine a ‘duck waddle’ run… i sit on it and run with it. If it doesn’t work the first time i turn the bike off and then back on again. works fine then! once your battery gets some life or you get a new one it’ll be fine.

i release the clutch fully,give some gas and pull the clutch in - all done in secs.

if it catches pulling the clutch back in ensures the bike wont fly off away,
if it doesnt it just locks the rear wheel so it just stops.

I did this loads of times on the CBF as well as the hornet and was never in any danger of dropping it.