This guy knows how do do wheelies

One of the most impressive ive seen. Big file but worth it.

Now thats impressive Man WOW

I have never been this impressed with a stunt before! I have seen loads of them but this guys is the best! The control is incredible!!!

Very good indeed, but did you see the size of the rear-sprocket? That’s cheating man! The 444 boys do it with the standard one, no need for such short gearing! Mad skills all the same, and best of all, he’s doing it on quiet roads, not bang outside the ace, heh. If only the LB stunters could find a carpark like that, everyone would be happy.

That’s true Jay! Just saw the rear sprocket! nevertheless the guy is good!

Wow… I liked that… He’s got some serious balance… Good stuff…

Yeah, well i practice alot…

hehehe! God one Yello! You are ‘quick’

And Cheeky!!!

If people were to try these low speed stunts, then less people would get injured at the Ace…


Incredible! … superb control.