this guy just cant turn..

he misses three right turn and ends up in a bush!!

saw this on another site and this rider is an accident waiting to happen.

About the only thing he got right was he bought an SV…

I like videos like this…it makes my average (at best) riding ability seem so much more…

Sadly, unless he starts to learn to lean over, look where he wants to go, and stop being sucked into things because he’s trying to catch up with someone who is better on a bike than he is, he’s going to end up a very sad statistic

+1 or he sould get a car

Did he lose his sidecar?:smiley:

That is unbelievable :rolleyes:

I can’t believe he even posted it…lol

Hope someone gets to him and gives him a few pointers before it’s too late.

He forgot the Golden Rule: Look where you want to go!

If you watch the video, you’ll notice his head is facing the bushes, when he should have been focusing on the bend and his exit point.

Go get some advanced training!

My 2 cents

thats is bad…i though someone had filmed me on teh BCR:w00t::w00t::smiley:

tho im not nearly as bad as that…never…ever try to keep up with quicker ridesr than you!

teh first bush he went into…to be fair it looks liek he hit a bump just before the corner??

If he lent the bike over that wouldnt have happend :hehe:

Bloody hell and I thought I was crap in corners, but I’d probably be the person he was trying to chase… on my SCOOTER !!:stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t look like he even tried to turn on a couple of those, either that or he was just turning the handlebars and not leaning at all!

Not good, At least he kept the bike upright, thats about the only positive I can see.

I thought the camera was fixed straight ahead, but looking at it again its attached to the bottom of his helmet. So he really is look straight at where he ends up. :crazy:

You’ve got to wonder at what point did he think following other riders wasn’t such a great idea… :doze:

Got to agree that…B get onto the guy and darryl get him on the Bike Safe course fast…

i think that was his problem:P

At least he is halfway there and looking at his riding with a critical eye, once he understands his mistakes he can tackle them.

Fair play to him for posting it up, better that the usual, Ohhh I crashed, must have been diesel/gravel/draincover/make your own excuse up.


That is some scary shite. I had to send the poster a message… ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Looks a bit like that, the hedge he went into looked deliberate, didn’t even make an effort to turn.