This Friday 15th Feb

Just wondering where everyone was heading this Friday. Are many people going to be up at the Ace, or are most people going to the auction night at Poppins?

I’ve got this whole weekend off, which is amazing, so i’m definately out Friday, but only just read the post on the Poppins night.

dont know anything about the auction buh will prob be at ace, what you riding?

What normally happens is people meet up at the Ace, then are told a time that they will meet on the bikes at the bus stop opposite and leave to go to Poppins (usually 8pm) it’s probably earlier this Friday as I notice M9 has arranged it from 7.30pm. Some people prefer to stay at the Ace all evening.

I most likely wont be around this weekend, not with the weather as it is.

I ride a black bandit 600. Although there’s that many of them, it doesn’t really help! :smiley:

So where you going to ride to this weekend then?

I think i’m going to head up to birmingham to visit a mate, although that isn’t exactly a great ride.

i finish work at 8 so will be heading straight 2 poppins

We’ll be out as usual :smiley:

im off friday so hopefully get out to play :smiley:

So where are you going, Ace, Poppins or both?

Who ? :wink: Most will be going to Ace first to meet then Poppins.

Off to North Wales for three days if I can get hold of my B&B man :slight_smile:

You mean in the car? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ark at ‘I’m only staying for half hour, I got to be up early’ :smiley: its everytime its cold :stuck_out_tongue:

Too damn right :stuck_out_tongue:

North Wales - beautiful. Did the same at this time last year. 3 days - on my own - stunning. I based myself in Llandudno.

Been up twice since January, it’s just too beautiful up there to miss an opportunity with weather like this.

i will probably pop up ace, most likely be there till late:D

anyone care to explain what is poppins? cheers

It’s another cafe that we go to on certain dates/occasions.

have enuf trouble finding the Ace let alone poppins :):stuck_out_tongue:

Neither, I’ll be on the London Eye :smiley: Poppins is great, if you’ve not been there before they are really friendly and the milkshakes are lovely :slight_smile: