This forum must be run by the Chinese Authorities

Your moderator has decided that a post I made which encourages support for an anti diesel spill campaign was unfit for your eyes and has deleted it!

I am making an effort to make biking safer and raise awareness.

I guess that’s bad then! What do you think.

Why not have word.


i appreciate the enthusiasm… hell i regularly post about the anti-Westminister parking rides,
petitions etc

but one post is adequate… no need to go back to all and any threads that mention diesel and post the same thing over and over :ermm:

ps welcome to the forum :Whistling:

I posted last night and the forum moderator deleted my post.


I’m sorry did’nt mean to be nasty :frowning:

hold on, aint you guys the same person?? :blink:

nope - but I’s all for the cause

maybe we are living in the Matrix

I’ve got the black bike that was smashed to crap due to a diesel spill but my one vanishing post last night detailed all that and what I was trying to do.

Why do I bother?

I’m interested to what you think the local councils can do to prevent the diesel spills?

I’ve crashed and broken my wrist on one before riding very sensibly on a friends bike. I’ve also got a truck and had a diesel leak on that…and they aren’t easy to spot and will continue to affect the roads.

All we can do is maintain our vehicles responsibly and report what we find on the roads honestly and diligently and trust the council to sort it.

Or you have a master plan…which would be great as it’s a big problem for the biking community.

Is there a petition or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well for a start Diesel Spills must be reported to the Highways agency…

BUT what many don’t know is that you can claim damages from the MIB

I think that most people on here know about diesel spills, kills spills and so on…

Oh PS Welcome!!!

There are a couple of companies that make anti-spill devices they cost around £160 and stop spills siphoning and skimming. As a result most companies will save money buy fitting them. Diesel theft is a big problem.

Although this will not stop all spills it will stop a great number of spills on corners which as we all know is as dangerous as hell.

So I am campaigning to make these devices complusorary.

My bike was on it’s side for an hour with a full tank and not a drop was spilled.

see my blog for more info.

What do you think?

If you agree please sign otherwise please let me know.


BTW this is empty hole where I posted all the detail, but like my Murph’s I’m not bitter :wink:

I still dont understand why Chinese Authorities would care about diesel spills in Westminster?

Yeah why would something like this be deleted???

Explanation please! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess using a link as your profile name is advertising for starters?

Sorry to the community for this. It seems that we are constantly being spammed about parking charges and diesel spills at the moment [sigh]

We agree with the causes but we don;t need to be reminded about them on every post in every forum on our site. If you want something to be heard, may I suggest you contact me, one of the other moderators on the site or the owner.

Lusty x