this exhaust dont fit

guys n gals

i have a remus titanium slip on that ws aparently for an R6 - but it aint. becuase it was a private sale and due to distance i coult return it without probably losing my money.

anyway, can anyone identify which bike it might fit onto? the diameters are around: 44/45mm internal, and 49/50mm external (which is around the same as the downpipe diameter, which is why i cant get it on).

i did think about shering off the tightening bolts and squeezing it into my downpipes, but im not sure if i’d feck up the pipe.

at least if i can find out which bike it will fit I can categorise it on ebay.



any good to ya:

cheers for that… i didnt even know these existed! what a find… awesome!

was in this months streetfighter but if you see they are for kit cars but will apply to motorbikes very well.