This don't work....

Put my back out this morning trying it :frowning: :smiley: Stoopid slippery petrol station forecourt :stuck_out_tongue:

That technique does work, you do it standing forwards of the handle bars are locked the other way. It also much easier with a lighter bike, and bikes with a low centre of gravity.

Hence why mass was a consideration when I was buying a new bike, and why I dismissed Suzuki bikes very quickly, they are stupidly heavy for what they are.

Which one had you dropped?

No way, would I pick it up like that. Can never remember how one would do it.

Whip it up quick while no one is looking, has been my motto!!!

Interlocked fingers on on the bar end closest to the road (making sure the engine’s off!).

If it was the Pan I would have called the RAC out. The Gixer I think I can lift, it is not a heavy bike.

This was the dullsville.

I think that technique would probably work for most people, but I have a bit of a dodgy back going back a ways to previous accidents. I don’t think I could have lifted the bike regardless of the technique I used. Thought it might work.

Dropped my old Pan 13 several times.
The Pan is quite easy to pick up.
Dropped the kawa gtr14 once.
Also quite easy to pick up, although the Pan is easier.
I’m not the strongest man in the world. Quite the opposite.
The technique works, although i don’t use the same as in the video. That technique doesn’t work too well for me.
Both hands on the handlebar and lift with the knees to 45 degrees, then leg and bum against the saddle and push.
Works every time, even with the heaviest of bikes:)

Never been able to lift my own bike :frowning:

That’s something I’d really like to learn!

Method one always worked for me, with any bike…
In my experience, method two requires more strength and a lot of grip on your feet, although is the preferred method by many.

Ok you could argue that my bike is probably as light as it’s going to get but (ashamed to say) I have successfully lifted it 3 times in a similar way, one of them on a slope, with the handle bars tilted and grabbing the hand rail at the back at the same time. No idea if it would work on a bigger heavier bike.

erm tried to lift my bike and failed spectacularly … I really should learn this…

However I also think that I really need to go to the gym :Whistling:

That woman’s a genius…suffers the embarrassment of dropping her bike at a show and still has the cheek to ask a passer by to pick it up for her :stuck_out_tongue:

The Deauville is still quite a heavy bike. I wouldn’t be surprised that it tipped the scales at 250kg, that’s why I was ended up with a bike that weighs less than 200kg, and it’ll be less when I fit Titanium. :slight_smile:

What happens if the bike falls side stand down, do you flip it over so it’s side stand up and start again :ermm:

Hoping it was just dented pride and look after that back there’s a honeymoon on the horizon

try more profanity next time

I dropped my Varadero once on (and due) to a particularly aggressive camber to a road. Now that’s one heavy bike. I pulled a bicep lifting it back up :frowning: I’ve never thought to turn round and to it that way, I don’t think I’d want to really.

I’ve always use the walking backwards method to pick a bike up. I did try the forward way once when I saw someone struggling with their bike. Almost popped my nutsack in trying!!

who volunteers to drop their bike at BM tonight so we can all have a demo of the right method?

Well you’ve got engine guards :stuck_out_tongue:

thats true! if I drop it, you can pick it up? I can’t, already been there, epic fail.

I’m sure we can find some cardboard boxes around to stop anything being scratched

i’d love to volunteer my bike but cant come to BM tonight.

maybe we can try on monday at newbie night? :slight_smile: