This chap is ten. Wait.... what? TEN!?

no fear lol - pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

That’s natural talent there.

Wow. crazy, 10 years old thats amazing :smiley:

Sommat wrong with that kid - he doesn’t like mayonnaise.

Dang! That kid’s quick.


We stuck around after the MotoGP to watch the 12 year olds racing a few weeks back, no fear is the word, really amazing to watch. :wink: Wish I’d had the chance when i were a nipper!

had to pick my jaw off the floor when I saw the vid first time around - I know Redding and Smith in the GP125’s are themselves young, but this 10yr old needs some serious sponsorship and get himself on the world stage.

the kid is good, he certainly throws that bike around. shame all the other bikes where pottering around or couldnt ride.