Thirsty Thursday Roll Call

Good afternoon.

Morning, gotta love these sunny mornings when you are so happy that you forget to remove the disc lock when pulling away and you drop the bike in front of some builders... WildBoy
do you have a disk lock reminder? I've taken to using a strip of coloured velcro I leave around the throttle 
Sad thing is I do, but I tie it around the indicator since it's too short

Afternoon all. Still on the train. Still waiting to get my bike sorted… next week at this rate I think. Such is life.

The joys of freshly scrubbed in new tyres

That’s my work, say hi next time!

[quote] Good morning! Glorious day so I've abandoned the office and I'm working from the southbank centre today. Lovely.  --- FlowWolf [/quote]

That’s my work, say hi next time!

Where abouts do you work? I usually work in the members bar for half a day a week at least.