thinking of rooting my Desire Hd

any advice? last words :smiley:


What do you want to do with it once rooted?

Also, that’s reasonably old phone now, when’s your upgrade due?

Down Under, ROOTING means something totally different…

Probably apt the the phone is called a DESIRE :smiley:

PS. sticky key will mean something else aswell if you do do it :w00t::blush:

It’s pretty safe. Do it.

I rooted all seven of my android devices within a week of owning.

want to get rid of some bloatware and put a custom rom. upgrade due in 6 months

I put Cyanogen on my HTC Desire and love it ever since. Faster and much more free space. I even wrote a short blog post about it:

Good luck and let us know how you like it :slight_smile:

well doing some reading* and it seems the best way is to use AAHC and then just pick whatever ROM i want

*read guide. realise its out of date. find guide. realise its out of date. find guide. realise its out of date. find guide. realise its out of date. find another.

paint it blue, throw it in the sea, problem solved…


Peta tin malakia na glutwseis!!!

(sorry had to explain in greek as clearly he’s not getting the joke… )

First thing I did with my S3 was to root it (then I unlocked root access…badum, tish)…it’s not scary or dangerous unless you install dodgy apps- install avast mobile security to keep an eye on things.

aei xasou re!

that was easy… used ubuntu and aahk and now after testing IceColdSandwich am currently on Jellytime.

Can you explain it in English too? Google can’t translate your words, and I didn’t get the joke either…

Greek letters don’t always sound how they look especially typing using english letters and this confuses google translate dont ask me what it means either I can pronounce the words but not the full meaning im still learning and have a ways to go before I’m fluent

“throw the piece of **** (he actually said wank) away to save yourself”

now if he had said “scada” I might have got the jist of it