Thinking of getting a set of your own blue lights?

I bet his journey time to work in reality was no quicker despite his blue flashing beacon.

Much more expensive though

I think the same when I see bikers fitting blue LED’s to their bike. it’s just a matter of time until they get done for it

What a plonker.


What a dick.

his should be taken outside & shot

for driving a Vauxhall

Reminds me of this clown.

That cost the clown £150? What good value for money! :smiley:

yer I read about that! 

what a twat!

What a saddo

Scary thing is he’s still around…Has now got a restraining order as he has been caught on several ambulance stations and has had the audacity to wave hello as he drove past me in a “marked” ambulance car

Is he a bit not right in the head? Seems incredibly odd behaviour especially to be hanging around hospitals and ambulance stations…

I believe he suffers with Aspergers syndrome and is obsessed with the ambulance service

That would explain a lot.

Ought to let him attend a serious RTC and deal with it, then see if he wants to continue his obsession. 

Has he got his full licence now? As surely he’d keep getting nicked for driving on a provisional.

If he’s mentally ill I suppose I was a bit harsh calling him a clown. He’s obviously not getting the help he needs.

Bit of a twat.

Lol…i live in Northapton and commute to mk every day luckily havent seen this tit! Although i do see a lot of other tits!

Lock em up and throw away the catheter.