Thinking of getting a Honda Firestorm

I’ve always rode sports bike but as the sale of my R1 looks imminent and my budget is stretched to £2k MAX… I’m thinking of getting a Honda Firestorm as I think it’ll make a good every day type of bike… What do you reckon?? I’ve never rode or know anyone that’s owned one, but they seem really good value for money i.e. cheap and Honda!!

You must be getting old!

But seriously, I think they’re decent bikes - good engine, great sound, only thing is the small tank range.

As above, there is a tidy looking thundercat in the for sale section, £2100 that is a great all-rounder for your budget…

I’ve heard from owners that they are pretty thirsty, but that’s about it.

Definitely test one out.

Great bike - and sounds lovely. Yes, they’re thirsty too, but that’s what you get with a beast.

Have a look at TL’s too, or SV 1000’s, they’re all pretty similar?

can get a much newer/modern looking SV thou for same money, obviously don’t have the build quality though

a friend of mine has one, a later one. fuel range is ropey, but looks good, sounds good and they do go some. the later ones have a slightly bigger tank

A friend of mine has a Honda 93’ Blade for sale, 25k miles, he say’s it’s very clean though I’ve not seen it for £1500. He works at P&H honda and I trust him completely, let me know if ur interested. :slight_smile:

I have one, fuel range is about from hear to sore wrists/bum or anywhere from 80 to 120 miles(16 litre tank, later ones 19 litre.). When it needs fuel its generally time for a stretch, mine was £1700 for 2000 model in teal with 8000 miles a full Honda dealer history and some toys on it, that was 18 months ago.

Only problems are regulator rectifier can cook, later finned version much better or fit one from an R6. Also the camchain tensioners can die, while this isnt to bad a problem on a lot of bikes on these it can be very expensive, so fit manual ones. The rear shock is hard the front forks soft…No one else understands it either! However it isnt too expensive to put right, I have not bothered, I have never ridden an R1 or 'blade so I dont know what I am missing!

I have heard of 'storms going to over a hundred thousand miles with just general maintenance. I have met two guys who between them have had 13, they see something else that takes their fancy and six months later get another storm.

Check out and which is an American site.

Unlike the SV1000 forum there is no “Things that break or fall off” thread, apart from the above:w00t:


great bikes. and at the end of the day its a honda so you cant go wrong. as mentioned though the fuel range is a problem and they are very thirsty bikes.

Thanks Guys for your advice!! It turns out that I could well possibly/more than likely be buying a Triumph speedtriple a 1999 Model, 2 previous owners 26,000miles brand new MOT for £1500!! :smiley:

Looking at it Monday so fingers crossed it aint no dog!! Only heard good things about them!!