Thinking of getting a GSXR 750 Or a Duke 916 /749/900 Need advice and opinion please...

you definitely need to ride them. utterly different ride and experience, not least because you’re talking twins vs inline 4’s

commuted every day on my 748s and never had a problem (other than the datatool alarm). my so called ‘reliable’ r1 has lunched the generator, dropped a valve and overheated. some bikes are good as good, some aren’t. luck of the draw really

ducati earned a bad rep from ropey electronics that weren’t up to european weather. 916 is a bit long in the tooth so you’d be best off looking for a 996/998.

749/999 is ugly as sin and the most uncomfortable ducati i’ve ridden

Gixer 750 all the way :wink:

Thanks Guys - you are making it clear - I sort of knew the Gixxer 750 was the best bet but FDuke models have always confused me.

Black Knight - I am in SW18 - we are neighbours - pm me your contact details if you are up for work and can work on everything…


i knew it would’nt take you long …can smell gixas you can…;).


you may be right :smiley: !!!

But I was thinking - I have been biking for y-e-a-r-s and never even ridden a Gixxer or a Duke…:w00t:

When my time comes how can I enter Biker Heaven and say that I have never done that???

So… it’s either a Gixxer now and a Duke later or the other way round:D:D:D

In that case I’d do the duchess now (so to speak). Its more aggressive to ride.

When you’re old and fat like shane the gixer can be your comfy sportsbike :wink:

As for smelling like him, yeash :wink:

easy jhonny arse fart…!!!

just cuz you ride your bike like old people fcuk…dont tell the man to get a Ducati…the’re not a patch on the gix…think of it like this…


R1…pffffff…look @ jhonny bravo…nuff said really…

R6…drug dealers bike…

Ducati…leave it till the midlife crisis…its shiney…red…and almost always dead…everyone i know has owned one and gotton rid of it…but are too proud to say it was broke all the time…they just say they want something diffrent.

ZX-10r…strickley for those who are approaching 50…

GSXR thou k5…weather you like prancing about the medows, picking daiseys…hugging trees…or having the bike drag you by the scruff of the neck and grinding away your kneecap and chin guard as you scream along at warp 5…this bike is for you…she will own you the moment you stare into those doughey eyes of hers but on the flip side, take care of you like a baby in a womb…but be warned…any mis treatment or abuse towards her and she’ll give you a back hander…one phrase comes to mind as i look out of my window…DEFCON 5…

GSXR 750 k6…sit on her and umm and arrr…start her up and your eye brows raise…click her into first and be prepared to feel like a gp rider…She’s the type of girl who your mother loves …wants you too marry as butter would’nt melt in her mouth…but get her alone and she’s a filthy slut…just begging you…pleading with you too tighten both hands around her soft sweet neck and squeeze…one hour alone…and she’ll have smudged mascara running down her face with a crooked, evil smile…


hahaha love that shane :smiley:

Lol Shane , I think i married the wrong woman and bought a 750 Gix !!

I’m ever so slightly turned on

Shane you nutter!!

sweeeeeeeet love that:D:D…just to add something shane,…it’s all bout the

V TWIN…for me not a midlife, or i mite have been haveing one for the

last 20odd year’s

i now it’s not a dig:):slight_smile:

as i said it’s all bout the V TWIN for me…not the DUCATI boyys

he hee…

Funny how you get swayed one way… then the other and back, then swayed again …:hehe:

Luckily I have plenty of time to sway and sway back…:smiley:

Shane with a bit of spellchecking you could write Suzuki trailers - and no doubt film the videos too. You even got Mr J saying “Maybe I should try one”:w00t:

If you sway too much you might fall over.
I am biased, I love a V twin too.
I do love this part of the process but it can drive you mad too, you definitely need to test ride a few good luck and enjoy the ride



This isn’t enough!!!

Can you do all the bikes available in the UK???

It would **** the MCN bike reviews up against a wall :D:D:D

haha so which one goes best if you lose your keys at the ace then shane :wink:

and reading between the lines, you’ve never had anything other than a ‘gixxa’ have ya son? as for wringing its neck, i’d heard you can barely choke your chicken :stuck_out_tongue:

05 zx10r beats k5 gixxer

the opinion of john mcguiness and jim moodie

say no more :slight_smile: