Thinking of getting a GSXR 750 Or a Duke 916 /749/900 Need advice and opinion please...

Thinking of trading in my Daytona 675

Not because its a crap bike - just the opposite but after 3 years time for something new.

Budget about £3500 to £4000 ( If I can persuade the missus ):w00t:

I know NOTHING aboyt GSXRs or Dukes… a real dumbwit on both - but I have always wanted one or the other ( or both :cool: )

Would love if anyone in the know could post comparisons/ideas/opinions???

Ps anyone want A really good D675???

well im a gsxr nut dude…and have 2:D…

bit biased really as i know nothing about the duc…but anything specific…gis a nod


Great - basic question then - would you recommend the 750 or 1000???

do you prefer riding or watching your bike in bits in a garage? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point :stuck_out_tongue: and thats what has always scared me about Dukes…:wink:

… I wanna do at least 6000 miles a year…:slight_smile:

ide go 750 first mate as its got some good ummpfff in the lower/mids/top ends…ive have owned both and and would recommend the k4/5/6…anything other than that and your not really going full fat if you know what im saying…;)…

dont worry about ppl saying that most gixxers get the’re nuts ragged…its just a myth…not many people can acually ring a gixxers neck and you’ll find loads of low mille’rs about…i know you’ll be more than happy with one from them years…the’re the best ones…lol…

ide of been more than happy with staying with the k6 750 but as it got stolen i thought ide go one year backwards with a ltr lump…and this bike is just insaine…ide never be able to tame it and thats the excitment…i know its there but i’m no way gonna be able to ring this bikes neck…

heres some piccys of my bikes to help you decide dude…:wink:



An old Duke for £3-£4k I think will be a problem if you wanna do that mileage.

Agree with Smiled - k5/6 litre bike rocks.

I’ve owned a Ducati and Jap 1 litres…

Nothing wrong with Ducati reliability, I toured Europe on a 1098S and didn’t have 1 problem, infact I didn’t have 1 problem in owning it with the 8,000 miles I covered on it during winter.:slight_smile:

both are just as reliable as each other nowadays, the old pre 2002 Ducatis are crap electronics and used to blow up alot…a 916 I wouldn’t go for, especially 6,000 miles a year mate.

749 is gutless, unless you have a 749R but they cost abit more.

I’ve never owned a gixxer 750 but I’ve never heard anything bad about them, like smiled said, the gixxer thou is a wild beast and you will never properly nail it unless on track…

I ride mine everyday to work and I dont go over half throttle hardly.

My bike is for sale, gixxer thou k3 for cheap.:wink: Look in the for sale section…

Thanks guys …

this is getting more tempting. so Gixxer 750 k4/5/6 it is on the Suzuki side.

As for Duke … I could never afford a 1098 at the mo but although I don’t mind getting my hands dirty the stories I have heard about belt failures scare the pants off me… so maybe it will be Gixxer all the way…

Gixxer 750 is a great bike, though I reckon the 675 has more low down grunt if the Street Triple is anything to go by (never ridden the 675). Top end rush on the Gixxer is a real hoot but you’ll struggle to find anywhere to get the most out of it unless on track. It takes off at about 10k revs but by then you’re already doing a ton in second gear. I’d still get another though (k7), I even loved commuting on it.
Best bet would be to try the 750 and 1000 to see which you prefer. And no, there’s nothing wrong with the finish or reliability of them IMHO;)

3.2k and my bike is yours mate:P

the main reason I bought the gixxer thou k3 was because it was reliable and I could use it everyday without fail.:slight_smile:

Hmmmmm , temptation temptation …

… I need to think about this…:ermm::slight_smile:

Might be interested in your D675?

Send JerryXt a PM. He’s not on here much, but he’s like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Ducatis, so he should be able to tell you what you can get for your money and what to avoid.

Well it’s a bit complicated…

I have already sold it to a guy BUT…

Despite leaving a deposit he has had trouble coming up with the money so…

…I have given him until the end of the month otherwise it’s up for sale…

Under 3000 miles :w00t: 2007 Mine from new = special Triumph factory paint job ( only 3 others done - one went to Australia ) of BRG (Triumph Goodwood Green) … fully serviced taxed amd MOT’d never tracked … HUGE Chicken strips… Will advertise here if guy doesn’t complete.

hi there, a rock and a hard place as i do owen DUCATI:)

but the gixxer a’m a great fan ov the gsxr 750 k/4/5.:):slight_smile: lot’s ov FUN if you can ride IT.:stuck_out_tongue:

i now were there are 2 gsxr for sale 1 is a 750-over is a 1000…

both in good nick-one has a good paint job…both nice…:slight_smile:

as for ducati whot can i say ever body’s got a gixxer or a jap bike :):slight_smile:

no flarer no gusto…:slight_smile:

if you get a DUCATI ill do your serv/repair…all at cost…you pay just hourley rate…:slight_smile:

Where are you based Black Knight???

west london…whot’s your trian ov thought:)

if it’s gixxer way…i can get photo’s and a price’s for you…

BUT IF IT’S THE DARK SIDE…:):)…can go on…:smiley:

i service jap bike’s all day long…so we can sort so thing out on that as well…:smiley:

Gixxer all the way!!! come to the dark side