Thinking of chopping in the Bandit for a Tiger

Had a ride on a mates Tiger the other day and really enjoyed the bike.

So I’m now thinking of getting rid of the Bandit and picking up a 2001 955i Tiger.

Is there anything I should be wary of, any known problems that may come back and bit me on the ass?

I don’t know of any problems but can tell you a friend bought one earlier this year for our trip through Spain and Portugal and it was awesome. He was going to sell it when he returned but has decided to hold on to it as it appears bullet-proof – lots of abuse and nothing has gone wrong.

Westie had a tiger and he raved about it when we were talking… I’m fairly certain I’ll be getting one as my next bike… I sat on a new one the other day… lovely! :smiley:

Lovely engine too. Lots of torque and smooth. I’ve not had the chance to ride one yet, but have heard lots of good things about them. Nice that you can stick hard luggage on it as well with no issues.