Thinking of buying Ohlins Forks

What do you recon :smiley:

<A onclick=“setEbayLink(’{#ss0ViewportLnk#}’)” href=“” name=ss0ViewportLnk>ohlins

I think it’s a brilliant idea… and it so happens I have a set of brand new Factory R units with Brmbo radials sitting in my garage, which are for sale :wink:

Terry that’s a bit too bling for you mate…Send them this way and I’ll give you a dented tank from my old R6 in return. :slight_smile:

Just joking…Sounds good mate…Not cheap though, but have good resale value.

Quality:D He’s sold out of them as well:w00t: £56

very nice

You must have shît loads of money

Na not really, but if your gona eat it might as well be with a quailty fork :D:P

terry…who you trying to impress then eh?:D.

a man just dosent go out and buys himself a set of ohlins for nothing…;).

whaaat you up too mr moto…?..


I can’t see the pic :ermm:

Take it you cant see the pic, there these one’s :smiley:

Terry-Moto (13/01/2008)

Take it you cant see the pic, there these one’s :smiley:[/quote]Item ended, did you buy the pics too? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll survive :smiley:

Grimbusa (13/01/2008)

I could see the pic’s :ermm: