Think you know your bikes?

After a few comments that all my quizes are for oldies, heres one for the younger peeps

Make and Model please

Good Luck:)



All too new for me - I look forward to your scooter quiz! :slight_smile:

No pleasing some folk:P

All the scooters look the same to me;)

I know the middle one’s Firebl*depaul’s :smiley:

Ouch!:pinch: :D:D:D

You’re a hard man ChunkyMonkey :slight_smile:


Just cos there aint one Gixxer in my entourage, there is life outside Blue’n’white;):smiley:

I haven’t a clue either…been told that before:w00t:

I don’t believe it:w00t:

All these are contemporary machines that you will see at the lights any given Sunday;):smiley:

I know you can’t please all the people all of the time Chunkmaster…Loved the racing and nostalgic history stuff you used to do…

Don’t worry mate, it will be along in a minute;)

Not got 'em all but

  1. Aprillia Shiver

  2. BMW R1200C

  3. Harley copy?

  4. SOme cheap parallel twin - German? Not MZ?

  5. Yamha FZ1

  6. Kawasaki VN1500 Drifter

  7. Kawasaki W650

  8. Triumph Bonneville

9 Honda Varadaro

Right, no-one start without me ! :wink:

I addition to erics:

  1. Aprilia Mana 850

  2. triumph bonneville T100

Toughie this one…

5/9…not bad for a kwackerman;)

Debz is already waiting in the wings :Whistling:

Stop! Don’t tell her, give me and everyone else a chance;)

I will keep it on ice and wait until nobody else is online;)

I confess I thought the first was a Mana but guessed it couldn’t be - being Twist and Go it must look like all the other autos to you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Humm taking erics ones…1. Aprillia Mana 850

  1. BMW R1200C Avantgarde

  2. Honda VT 650 DC

  3. Laverda 750 Strike

  4. Yamha FZ1

  5. Kawasaki VN1500 Drifter

  6. Kawasaki W650

  7. Triumph Bonneville T100

9 Honda XL1000v VaraderoYup…