Think My 2yr Old is Going to be a Mechanic

While I was outside cleaning the bike, My 2yr Old daughter ran into the garden pulled my rear paddock stand out, then went back into the garden to get her little trike out, then attempted to put her trike on the stand. She nearly did it aswell, was hilarious to watch.I might get her to service the CBR next week. hehehehehe


I can top that, came into my bedroom this morning to find my 18month old looking through my hanyes manual…

never know she might have sorted my chain for me by the time I get home.

Superb! :smiley: Wish my dad had had a bike and i’d started that young! :slight_smile:

Excellent, I had my niece help with the bandit project - she was helping bleed the brake and clutch lines, did a good job too. She’s was only 7. :smiley:

Cracking photo:D



Cute!! its amazing what they pick up!

i bet as soon as yours is born shane you will be getting him/her on the case

Hahaha kids are funny arnt they, mine had her head in the 09 Gericke Catalogue this morning, she does crack me up. The bad side of it though, shes going to have a very expensive childhood, best start saving for that acu license then. hehehehe