Think I know what bike I want next

What do you guys think? Got to start saving up for it.



Cant fault it in looks as an onlooker.

however its the biggest disapointment Ive had from sitting on a sportsbike. Seriously they’re all plastic like an Airfix kit. Considering KTM are fantastic with their offroad and supermoto engineering I was genuinely surprised at how cheap it felt. That all said Ive never ridden one - been told they’re awesome to be fair.

For that money though I want to feel like jesus himself… And so Id buy an MV Agusta :slight_smile: Not that theyre without theyre own own bad faults mind :stuck_out_tongue: - in fact got told they ride awful and the 750 has no balls, but then if I wanted performance I’d buy a gixer :wink:

In a nutshell for that money I wanna feel the feckkking nads!!! and the KTM didnt produce :frowning:

Gotta agree with Ryan, much prefer the MV Augusta, Rossi I ain’t so didn’t have much problem with the handling, threw it around with wreckless abandon as it was a test ride. I loved it. That said I still prefer the comfort of my armchair like Busa.

I’ll have to check out the MV, are they in the same price bracket? I’m basically thinking 2.5 years in time when I’m hoping they drop to the £6k mark. Others I’m thinking about are the R1 and the 1098. Long time away but not bad having dreams…

In Moto are doing brand new RC8s for £7995 !!! 08 model but that’s fine.

I am tempted myself.

bricking it (04/03/2010)

In Moto are doing brand new RC8s for £7995 !!! 08 model but that’s fine.I am tempted myself.[/quote]What?? That’s an awesome price, wish I had my NCB upto 4 years now and i’d be away! Why’re they so cheap?

Just tried to get insurance and prices are crazy! Even if I have 4 years NCB, tf&t will cost me over £2k!!! What’s going on? Do you have to garage these bikes and no other way?

Is it your age? (or rather youthfulness:)). If so, just think that by the time you’ve saved for the 2 years, you’ll have more NCB and be a bit older - may make a difference. Also a lot depends on your postcode.

I’m turning 30 this month so wouldn’t think I’m too young for it, am I? I’ve not got secure parking but live in a quiet postcode. I’ve got access to my parents garage but that’s 6 miles away and would be reluctant to do that unless I had two bikes and kept the KTM locked up most of the time.

I think it will be difficult/very expensive to insure a bike like that parked out on the street in London.To be honest Raquib - unless your minted and can easily afford it there is no point in getting the latest, greatest sportsbike - if you want a sports v-twin just get a K4 RSV mille - you’ll have just as much fun on it and will have spare cash left over for the petrol, tyres and chains! :wink:

Not minted in anyway. I was hoping to get this in 2.5years time when I was hoping it’d come down to the £6k mark. I’ve got the R6 at the moment and think I’ll stick with that. Seems alot cheaper to run and maintain.

I went to In Moto, test rode a 990 SMT :cool: (actually I was unimpressed)

The new RC8s are only orange ones , in their crates, unpacked. 2010 registration. For insurance have you tried the Bike Insurer. I am only paying £300 fully comp for a superduke, 3 yrs NCB, but then I’m a riding God, so soon they’ll be paying me for the priviledge of having their insurance :D:D Yeah right. And its parked outside in Croydon. :w00t:

I’m going to give them a try. I’ve only got 1 years NCB at the moment and it’s parked in a private carpark. I would love £300 fully comp, can’t even get my R6 fully comp. The orange RC8’s aren’t bad if you can get the redbull graphics stuck. Would be a dream if I could afford it.

Did you not get tempted to take out the RC8 on a test drive?

Yes I was tempted, but I’d probably have bought one. And I have not got the spare dough at the moment, maybe next year. KTM dealers do these sorts of deals every year.For an extra £1000 In moto will do whatever paintjob you like, including the Red Bull jobbie, which looks the nuts.

I’m with NJ here on this one, have you got the R6 derestricted yet? you will have lots of fun when you do… :slight_smile: Spend the 3K difference between a new one bike and a GSXR750K4 on trackdays and training, much more grin for your buck :slight_smile:

Isn’t the redbull jobbie just graphics? It does look a lot better that the standard orange.

Elad (05/03/2010)

I’m taking it off in June. I was looking at getting this in 2012, forward planning and saving for the bike etc etc. But not a likely option yet. I’ll have to go on some more rideouts with you in the near future. Loved those roads we went on last time. I’m planning on doing some trackdays soon once I get comfortable with the restrictor off.

Have always fancied the RC8 myself but I’ve been told that the throttle response and " pootling " about town is shite unless you have the " in excess of £1000 " Akrapovic exhaust fitted ( not sure quite how true this is though ) and the early ones ( that will be down to £6k when you are looking ) appear to have some " teething " faults surrounding build quality ( Only hearsay that I’ve gleened from the KTMForum ? )

Might give one a try as I am a self confessed " twin nut " but I am fearing the worst so am looking forward to it proving my fears wrong if it can ??

FYI , I was 30 ( ish ) when I had my ZX10R ( brand new at the time ) and that only cost me £380 TPFT with the bike garaged and located in Bucks . That quote was through H+R insurance :wink:

Before I bought a 1098S, I looked at these…

Had a test ride and I didn’t like it…

I’d have another 1098 any day…

I even looked at an MV but even I couldn’t bring myself to buy one and wheelie the **** out of it…somethings in life are just wrong:D

Hell yeah…A bike can be stolen in less than 30 seconds with 2 strong blokes, a sound proof van and getaway driver…