things to look out for in house shares?

Been a while since i was last in a house share, and hated it then, but thought this time going back id rather do that and have money to do things i like, than wasting all my money away on renting a flat myself, and not bein able to go out!

Prob is, im a wee bit concerned, esp as im going to be looking at these places at night, dont know the people at all, and house shares would generally want cash for mths deposit & mths rent in advance.

So, any suggestions?

or should i just leave the addresses on lb, and if u dont hear from me again you know wot address to find me?lol :unsure:

So, any suggestions?

or should i just leave the addresses on lb, and if u dont hear from me again you know wot address to find me?lol :unsure:


But you might have gone back to Ireland again and not come on the forum for all the time your over there :smiley: How would we know :stuck_out_tongue:

nah i cant come back to northern ireland, after 4 months my parents wouldnt take me back :stuck_out_tongue:

How have you found the house through and estate agents or ads??
I’m sure it won’t be that bad
xxx,, and

Ive always lived in houseshares (always done do gooding jobs that dont pay!!) and never had probs really. One major thing i wanted was to meeet everyone you will be sharing with. Often there will be just teh person leaving to show you round, which is pants as you dont actually get to meet those you’ll b living with!!

Seperate toilet and shower always a good idea (some feckers will always spend hours in the shower when youre bustin for a p**s!)

As for the viewings, I wouldnt worry. I used to go round these places on me tod - some people were feckin weird but never had a scary moment. If youre really worried leave the addresses and phone numbers with a mate, or take a mate with you…although this may make you look a bit of a fairy lololol!

Good luck fella, it aint easy!

Don’t drink milk that’s been left in the fridge, especially when you come home pissed, you’ll bite the lumps before you taste the fact it’s off :frowning:

things to look out for in house shares? yes, serial killers, mentally unstable people, smelly people etc…

I would say - nice fit birds to share with :slight_smile:

put toilet paper on the seat b4 you take a crap mate;).always clean the shower before you get in it(some ppl like to **** in the shower)

as well as in the sink(seen ppl **** in there too)

never leave your tooth brush around…

keep your food in your room

make sure you get a room with good sturdy doors & good locks

be the first one to get the mail

never get too friendley :wink: with another man…

whe you veiw the place…look behind the fridge…if its clean behind there…its clean everywere else…

and like alice said…make sure you meet everyone…i have a top tip for that…move in…crank up your stereo with some jungle or drumm and bass…and they’ll come flocking to your budewaaa…!!!

ohh yea…when you come back mate…come over for somthing to eat and a few beers…i’ll cook and we can go threw it from there…;).


cheers guys, will be good to see you all again, things aint going well so far…

car wouldnt start, oh and i got soo pissed on my last night of work, i had to cancel and reschedule my ferry to tuesday…



I got my current house share on Gumtree but I also signed up to EasyRoomMate (and no it doesn’t mean what it sounds like :wink: ) and I’ve not had any problems whatsoever.

As has been said meet all or 3/4 of the people you will be sharing with, is the place reasonably clean and tidy, what are the others work patterns, how many bathrooms, is there a dishwasher, it’s amazing how easy you can fall out with people over simple things like whose turn is it to do the washing up or being held up waiting for the bathroom. I shared with 2 girls and a guy when I first moved to London, like me the guy was new so I only met the two girls but we got on so well the 1st time I met them that they invited me to stay and watch the cup final with them, plied me with beer and bacon rolls to persuade me! :smiley: I met the other guy the weekend I moved in and we 've gotten on really well ever since.

One of the girls has since moved on and been replaced by another guy, who to be fair is OK and not really any trouble but he’s a bit quieter than the rest of us so doesn’t always join in, he can be a bit dull and we do have a better time when he’s not here but he’s not really any bother, we’re all different I guess.

At the end of the day it all comes down to personalities, tolerance of others is a big deal but if you’re straight with people you’ll soon find out if you can live with each other, otherwise you’ll either not want to go home or spend all your time locked in your room.

If you don’t feel comfortable when you first look over the place, either with the people or the house, then walk away as that feeling probably won’t go away.

I have a habit of pi$$ing in the sink. My mum goes mad - especially when she’s trying to do the washing up at the same time ;):P:D

well im back, and my room hunting isnt going very well to be honest! :frowning:

anyone gota room…lol

I’d suggest looking for one about 30 miles nearer to your new job :wink:

what about looking in loot? they have a house-share section.