Things To Do

See this on the BBC and it does remind me that one of things I want to witness is a volcanic eruption:

Is there an event of nature that you would like to witness? If so what?

There’s an island off sicilly called stromboli which erupts every 20 minutes. I walked up it in the evening and sat watching it erupt as the sun set, then walk back down in the dark. it’s a reasonably minor eruption but still exciting.

I’d love to go hangliding I tried to do it over Rio on my honeymoon but the weather was against me. One day…

Mrs J would love to see the Northern Lights, but Ive told her she cant.:smiley:

Have a nice hot spicy curry, I’m sure it wont be long before you have your very own volcanic eruption :smiley:

You must loads of good places nearby.