Things to do while waiting at traffic lights

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lol @ last one!

  1. Sit with a paintball gun at the ready ro mark rhe little feckers in Cypher’s post with indelible paint


It’s missing scowl at spazz badges.

Harass drivers on their phones.


Singing.  Loudly and poorly.

Try to lift both feet off and balance bike… Fail miserably​

Stand up and shake your booty?


Stroke the engine provocatively 


Satisfy that crotch itch.

The joke is on you, me_groovy, because I do not have a kill switch.  Or a friend.

I will die alone. In a ball of fire.

Blip the engine as you let one rip.

I don’t feel the need to blip the engine…

Wow yeah!  I haven't done that for years.  Usually with a car load of people though.


Hmmm… I’ve not played it with anyone in the boot before. Maybe in that clip, the previous occupant of the boot farted.