Things to do in and around London

I’ve got a few days off and a friend arriving this evening. I’m supposed to be thinking of things to do but am hoping you guys could help me out so that I can go out on my bike instead today - wont get the chance again until she leaves on Tuesday (not that I will be counting down…)
Happy to drive to nearby places if anyone can suggest anything fun with not too much traffic as we will be in a car (I like this friend and dont want to try her out as my first pillion!)
Thanks for any good ideas!

Depends what your friend likes to do, loads of stuff in central, check out good exhibitions, galleries, etc, also depends how much money you want to spend!

exactly depends what your friend likes, but why use the car?

Use the river boat and the tube and you can see most of the sights of London

Recently went to Thorpe Park with a few friends and had a real laugh.

Depend on what you and you friend look like
As entertainment could be provided free of change in the right circumstances…

What ever you do dont take her to your local, lololol

Best to ditch the car when in tourist mode. Perhaps have a wander around Leicester Square, Trafalger Square, Soho etc and stop in bars as and when the mood takes. I work around covent garden and always have a lovely time when wandering around as there are normally street performers, unuaual market stalls and sometime quite random things going on!! (Not to mention lots of lovely shops )

Portobello Road market is on a Saturday, anybody who has seen Mary Poppins and more recently Notting Hill should go at least once, lol.

If the weather is good, check out Hyde Park and Regent Park, see if anything is going on there.

Sorry … should have made myself clear - will use tube etc for in London but had considered a wee day trip. My friend is getting married next year so is saving for my bridesmaid dress :smiley: and therefore wont be wanting to spend too much! She is a bit crazy so would like something exciting and potentially dangerous - perhaps I should put her on the back of my bike! Sadly those types of things aren’t cheap.
Something active and outdoors would be good especially with this weather and I do a good a job of falling asleep whilst standing if spend more than an hour in a museum/gallery.
Keep it coming, thanks x

Yeah it was bad that my local was used but, on a positive note, I was back on the sofa in under 75 minutes and only missed 20minutes of Ugly Betty!

What about quad biking or something like that. Not sure where it’s done but google is your friend :smiley:

If you’re looking to have a decent meal, this place is good

It’s a tad pricey but the menu’s are projected onto the table and you use a track pad to choose your food and it get delivered to the table. No need to talk to the waiter/waitress, plus they display what the dish looks like on the place mat.
Don’t order all the courses at once as they bring the food to order. So order the starter, then order the mains. It takes around 20-30mins from order to table. All the food is cooked fresh.

All very flash and hi-tech. You can even choose what the tablecloth/desktop picture can be, plus there is a webcam in the kitchen you can view.

You can hire bicycles and/or horses in Richmond park. Great weather, lots of dear, stunning views and some potentially scary hills to cycle down - depending on how fast you peddle (did I just come out the closet as a secret cyclist?? Bugger.).

And for apres cycle, loads of great pubs along the river in Richmond.

go to the theahter in tottenham court road and watch we will rock you. brill night out!!!

Go for a tattoo:)

I’ve got one and its now getting a green tinge -dont have anywhere else I would want one.

What about go-karting on an outdoor circuit?

I went to Thruxton Circuit in Andover, Hampshire on their outdoor track and it was fantastic fun! The karts we raced in could hit 60mph and corner at a phenominal rate, bloody hard work and I was knackered at the end of the session but it was great fun, far better than the much slower indoor type.

There must be circuits on the outskirts of London that have a similar experience?

Or maybe some climbing, I think there are a few places that have climbing walls in and around London, not done it myself but I’ve heard of friends going. There’s the Xscape centre in Milton Keynes, that’s got some cool stuff you could try out?

You’d probably have to book too far in advance to go abseiling or do a sky dive so no good for this weekend. :smiley: