Things to do around Chelmsford

I need to drop my 10yr old daughter off in Chelmsford 8.30am on a Saturday morning. We collect her at lunchtime and will have our 5yr old son to entertain whilst our daughters there. When we collect her where else could we go as a family whilst in the area?



They must have a library - it will be raining on Saturday and you could all enjoy a lovely story-telling moment.

Ice skating?

As a weekend resident of chelmo (Thanks to the Mrs living there) I have to say its not the best of towns for those with young kids… especially in the wet!

The riverside, (Ice rink/ swingpools/ gym) is a good call, the cinema benefits from not charging london prices, so something like disneys ‘up’ might be a good one?

The library is a decent size and from memory of my one visit has a kids corner… Its right in town so if Mrs wants to go shopping its an easy stroll… or if you’d rather escape there are plenty of bars for a quiet pint.

Hope that helps and feel free to Pm me if you fancy a sneeky pint during the day! :slight_smile:

Google “Chelmsford children’s activities” and loads of things will pop up - don’t be led astray by Il Bandito’s promise of beer …

… unless you want to be;)

There is a decent little caff that’ll do you a mean slice of cake just north of Chelmsford … can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called though …

Bodworths … Boswords … something like that?

:wink: :smiley:


There’s a Bowling Alley near the A414 on the Ongar side of town, and there is Hylands House which has some playgrounds and stuff. Weather forecast for Saturday is awful though.