Things people do for

Friends of yours ginge.

there actually your friends

me and rizk5 decided to glue a pound to the floor and watch muppets try to pick it up

They cant be my mates as they arent allowed out at night.

is that why your never out :wink:

whats your asbo times not allowed out from 6pm till 6am :w00t:

I am allowed out as may times as i want and for as long as i want, as long as she say`s i can.:stuck_out_tongue:

so why dont you come out on friday nights and other nights then, wont your scooter make it then (no offence to scooter riders) (im taliking about the ones with no engines) or is it your feet they cant handle the weight;):w00t:

My bike has been very sick lately but she is back to normal and so will i be on coming out.

so we will see you tomorrow night for the newbie night

Not tomorrow night but you will on Tuesday, as i have to go to Brighton tomorrow for work and i don`t know when i will finish.


lol classic, I done that outside my work place aswell, passes time lol