Things I learnt about my new Sv650S today....

Went for a bimble with Chenster10r today on my new bike… just to get some miles under the belt and get it run in a bit quicker… I learnt the following:-

1 - Sv650s seats are not as comfortable as a Bandit’s… my bum is a little sore (no sniggering at the back)

2 - trying to ride a motorbike whilst keeping to less than 6000 revs is very very hard

3 - It’s very hard to keep up with a ZX10-R on an Sv650s thats being run in… even if the Ninja rider is trying their best to be slow

4 - ZX10R’s have a very small tank and a large thirst for fuel

5 - If you tell your wife you are going out for a little bit on the bike at 2pm, and then come home at 6.50pm you’re going to be in trouble

6 - I have insufficient patience to run a new bike in properly:)

Well you can loan me the bike for a week or two. Number 2, 6 will be solve, and by virtue number 5 well until you get the bike back. :slight_smile:

This is what I did . . . worked really well on a few engnes.

Chenster going slow!!! that I would like to have seen, It was a great day for a ride the weather was perfect, a few more weekend blasts and the “running in will be done” then you can chase the Chenster, he might not see you but he will hear the sweet sound of a V twin.

good to hear your enjoying it fella!:smiley: get a pipe on it, it will sound awesome, i have a blueflame EVO twinport, a mate has twin hi-level lazer pipes, both sound 'kin ace as do the litle skorpion stubbys:)

it is fun trying t stay with big bikes on a SV650, reminds me of riding a two stroke in a way cos im constantly flicking through th gears!

kept up with a blade and an R1 in town on teh way to poppins, they could here me everywhere appreantlly:w00t::smiley:


I know the feeling. It’s flippin’ painful running in a bike! :smiley:

A lot of engine enthusiasts (cars and bikes) swear by getting the bike nice and warmed up for about 30 minutes and then build your way up through the revs. Making sure you build it up to the next 1K rpms and shutting down the throttle again to make sure the oil is sucked in to lubricate it.

Keep doing that, building your way up gradually until you’re using full throttle and high rpms.

There are hundreds of people that can explain it better than I can and also the pro’s and con’s of it. Some swear by it, some are against it I think.

My new bike is running nicely though :slight_smile:

Running in a bike by limiting the revs is boIIox tbh.

Its all about the load on the engine. Keep the gears low and don’t overload it.

You can also use the throttle method by starting by only using 1/4 throttle (any amount of revs) then 1/2, 3/4 and so on.

And make sure the first couple of oil changes are done on time:)

Steve… (31/05/2008)

This is what I did . . . worked really well on a few engnes.[/quote] Thanks to everyone who has offered advice about running the bike in. I don’t think I’m brave enough to try the above method. I have been giving it a bit more revs than the book advised, but I was always told that sustained high revs on a newly built engine would be bad. I still managed to show just under 100mph for quite a bit of the M25/M26/M20 on Saturday coming back from Box Hill, but obviously that’s only because my speedo over reads by 30mph:)If i find time to get out on it this week I’ll definately be more positive with the throttle…

My first job will be to replace the bloody awful number plate hanger… do you know anyone who does a tail tidy that doesn’t need a hacksaw to install it???

so you’re not keen on the 3 person bike then?


R&G do a nice one…easy to fit i belive too cant think of anyone els at teh mo! check out SV650.ORG very usefull site and forum:D

Er, no… It’s a bit big at the back isn’t it?