thieving scum alert!!!!!!!!!

well thats me screwed for the night just heard a van hanging around outside checked out the locks on my bike then drove a few doors down to a locked gsxr had a good look then back to mine and they quickly legged it once someone walked outside. silver hightop merc van.

theres no way I’m moving from my front room now!

lucky spot Baz! Get the rozzers on the blower asap!

Well spotted. Sneaky bastards upping the vehicle from the usual tatty white transit.

Might be worth updating to say roughly what area for those who live locally.

Shiv, what’s your location?

Good luck for tonight

This is the stuff dreams are made off man. Catching a bike thief…

Wheres Shane when you need him to “Batter a bike thief” :hehe:

Wanna borrow my spiked knuckle duster?..

so? what happend??

they legged it :wink:

you farted?

For once I’m happy the house opposite had all 15 guests outside drinking getting smashed so I went to sleep about 2am.

Lou I live in Streatham hill

Huh? :crazy:

they legged it because you farted…

oh :laugh::smiley:

probably. :slight_smile: