Thieving bstard

No, not my bike but my gear.

Took the bike to the Morrisons jet wash at Thamesmead this morning and left my helmet, leather jacket and Kriega tailpack at the end of the washbay.

I’m using the jet when I see a bloke filling up his car pointing wildly and shouting: “That bloke’s had it away with your stuff.”

I look up and this **** is disappearing behind recycling bins with all my gear. I chase after him and he stops, looks at me as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, and says “Sorry, I thought someone had left it there.”

Aye, they had. Me. While I was washing my bike not 10 fcking feet away.

Off he goes into his motor and drives away, leaving me gobsmacked and wishing I’d smacked his gob.

Big up to the bloke who shouted. I talked to him and offered to buy him a drink but he wouldn’t have it. Said he was an ex-biker who’d chucked it after two offs.

You never lose it though eh.

A very close call and I won’t leave my gear on the ground like that again.

It’s sad really, isn’t it. You can’t afford to leave things out of your sight for one minute…

Shudda draged him into the jet wash and given him the full programme :smiley:


The sad thing is that incidents like this don’t surprise anymore (especially in some of our more ‘vibrant’ areas such as Thamesmead :)) Glad you were able to retrieve your well-earned property.

Don’t suppose you got the reg of his car!

No, the recycling bins were between me and the car.

My money’s on him having been through the bins as well.

criky! i leave my gloves on the handlebars and helmet clipped on the rear pillion hand rail when i go to morrisons or co-op in erith and barnehurst. silly i know but such hassle carrying them too

good to see you got your gear back.

You did what in Thamesmead?

Down there, you were lucky not to have your bike nicked while chasing down your gear.

Probably not the best bit of the world to leave things that aren’t either locked or bolted down.

Yikes…close call.

Fortunately times are that tough in the part of the world where I currently live…but…at the rate things are going, it’s only a matter of time. :confused:

I shop there weekly and still make sure I have everything with me. I don’t trust anyone nowadays. Sad state of affairs, but such is life.

They let you use the jet wash!! I was told they stopped bikers using it around a month ago as someone made the mop oily and a BMW driver complained and blamed bikers.

Is it not on their CCTV?

jetwash your bike is dangerous. you shouldnt do that. now you know why. :smiley:

just stay out of thamesmead, ride the 5 mins to abbey wood and… oh wait, no that wont work either :smiley:
ok, well, you got plumstead and woolwich… no…no screw that, 25 mins in the other direction is hextable… lovely, all sorted for you :slight_smile:

Sad but true, you can’t leave anything anywhere now unless it’s bolted down to the ground.
I used to chain my lid to my pillion handle on a previous bike.
I went swimming once, came out an hour later to find it gone.
I don’t even leave my gloves on my bike at the petrol station anymore as someone nicked those as well a few years ago.