Thieving ba5tards!!!

This evening went to visit my parents in Kentish Town and parked my Vespa Gts300 on Castle Street, junction with Kentish Town Road around 6.30pm. When I got back, just after 9pm - it was gone. Called the police and they said they’ll attend within an hour. Whilst waiting for them I had a wonder through the nearby estates and found the bike, covered with a d-lock on the rear wheel. Found here -

The police turned up after a while and the guy just stood about until a friend of mine came to help me remove the lock. After a while the copper just left, after radioing his boss reporting the crime as solved.

We struggled with the lock for a couple of hours, as we had no real tools to speak of, then gave up, got a ZipVan and loaded the bike. On the way home stopped by a branch of Britannia building Society that was being renovated and asked the guys if they had an angle grinder I could borrow. A really friendly chap, a mancunian, took all my details and photo of my drivers licence and cut the lock for me so I was able to ride the bike home and is now safely locked in my garden. I offered to pay the guy and he would not take any money from me.

So everyone, be careful around there and don’t expect any real help from the police.

You did well. I am impressed you surpressed the urge to hide and wait.

Nice one, glad you got it back undamaged

That is really great that you found it. I’m not sure if it here is any benefit to telling your insurance company about the theft. In fact, I can only see a disadvantage that they increase your insurance next year as it is easy to steal and desirable to do so.

I would ride past the place the found your scooter, leave the remains of the D lock with a note expressing how glad you were that they locked your bike up as there are undesirables about that would steal it :smiley:

So the police crime statistics will show a solved crime when no culprit was identified and no investigation took place. Well done Met!

I had my Ninja stolen from Kentish town a few months ago, police officer who attended simply said “they will probably use it for a smash and grab then burn it” really optimistic guy!

I usually spend 2 - 3 nights a week there on Oseney Crescent, I have a 57 plate Z1000, I now chain it to the lamp post and stick an alarmed disc lock on the front, they haven’t bothered with it yet. I spoke to someone in the area who also had one stolen before, they now chain it up and again, they haven’t bothered with it. ALWAYS chain it to something and you should be fine, they seem to just be opportunists there and wont bother with tools, etc.

You boots love a builder always there when you need erm

Glad you got it back. Did you have any security on it?

Nice one in finding it!!

careful you don’t get done for criminal damage on the d-lock removal :wink:

not planning to tell them - the cost of repair and recovery last night (including beers for my mate) are under £50…no point

Had an Oxford Boss alarmed disclock on it…

Was it removed when you found scooter??

I was once in a flat in the area and we were on a balcony… I had a direct view of the bike on the road and saw a few ‘yoofs’ eyeing up my bike and one of them was taking photos and then doing something to his mobile… He then looked up and saw me eyeballing him and they walked off.

As I was leaving (a few mins later) I saw the same guy on the corner where he could see the bike and just be talking on his phone.

My suspicion was he was phoning someone to come ‘pick it up’…

Yep, there was no trace of it…

wow… I thought these are quite decent locks…

Maybe silly question, but have you checked VIN etc.

Hate to think they swapped plates and you now have someone else’s bike.

have not checked VIN but it’s definitely my bike - all the little scuffs and scratches are in the right places etc…


Now that would be FUNNY! Imagine trying to explain that to the police haha.