Thieves - What a bunch of *****!

I’ve already had a rant today, but there’s one more!

It began about four months ago… I park my bike (GSX-R) in an underground car park, it’s chained to railings, built for bikes. There are many other bikes there, left overnight or parked during the day; ranging from old-skool VFR400s to new R1s and even a Buell!

To make sure the bike is kept clean, I put an indoor cover on it, every night. It’s the standard fifteen quid job from Oxford. It packs down, it’s light, it does exactly what is says on the tin. It’s done its job until… I return to my bike - the cover has been nicked (#1)! What a bunch of c*nts. Who steals a £15 cover! Annoyed, I leave for work and pop in to the local Infinity to pick up another cover. I have a good idea and think, I’ll get two and leave one at the girlfriend’s house so I can park it there every now and again - Good thinking!

One week later, some c*nt has nicked it again (#2). For Christ’s sake, is the world filled with such complete and utter pikeys? Fortunately, I have a spare, decide to put it on the bike and purchase some gaffer tape so that I can make a hole in it and secure it to my lock in some fashion.

I ordered the gaffer tape online (with some other rammel). It arrives a day late (they apologised and refunded some delivery costs). What happened during that night… C*NTS! They got it again (#3).

So, I think to myself, that’s it. I get another cover, I use the tape, make a really secure hole, lock it to my bike - it’s secure. There is no way that anyone can take it without cutting it in some way…

This morning…(#5)… what uttter w*nkers!

Is it some tramp using it as a sleeping bag, does he really need five, five! How did he cut it? Am I being victimised, nobody else reports of any trouble.

So, I leave it to you, what shall I do???

Buy another, cover your bike, hide nearby, keep watch, when you catch the thief nicking the cover, jump out and stab them 5 times… 1 deep wound for each stolen cover.

Justice restored

PM the Sleeper.

He has a great idea that will work for your problem. Ask him for a good way for securing your bike cover…

but it fits my bike perfect… and im £15 better off

What have you done with the other three? ******(!)

Now I know what he’s got me for christmas, cheers you’ve spoiled the suprise


So your not giving me a bike cover for Christmas?

your a big man… you can have two

buy the on2wheels one - it has an eyelet on it so you can put a small chain.plock thru to attach it to the bike. I loop a nylon cord thing thru my footpegs and use a small padlock