Thieves spotted sw3 Chelsea/Fullham area

Thieves has been spotted around South Kensington area on a Yamaha T-max with 2 lads sitting on it searching for bikes to steal and obviously riding with breaking all the traffic rules. Keep an eye on your bikes and report to the police if you see them. They are looking for expensive scooters with higher engine cc and have seen them quite often. Police has been notified.

Thanks for the advice.  Much more description to us would be helpful to us.

They’re never hard to spot, inappropriate clothing such as trackies, riding something moderately powerful like its stolen… Because I probably is.

Rj has been a victim, got a perfect picture of them.

Just stop with all this unknown bullshit…

Love Octagon has spoken

But like an octopus - there are several

Fulham/Chelsea/hammersmith is Rife with this stuff, I live near by and am forever seeing these groups on the lookout, you can spot them a mile off it’s so easy to spot them.

It’s always either two or three scooters with maybe sometime just the one with a passenger but most times it will be two or three and one of the scooters will always have a passenger on the back, as it’s the passenger that will ride off on the stolen scooter/motorbike which they have taken while one of the others push them along with there feet.

Saying all this most of London is Rife now, plus most of them are wise to trackers and so on, these young guys are smart and very much no what they are doing.

There is a video from about 3/4 months back when they take a motorbike in the daytime in Victoria, well about 10 mins before that happened I saw them in the area riding around other motorcycle bays looking, and as above you can spot them so easy as they blast around two-up on a scooter and slow down next to any motorcycle bay, they always seem to be on Honda SH’s, Beverlys or GTS’s which are 90% also stolen or on false plates while they are out doing a hit for a stolen bike.

The main two groups that are doing all this are from Islington and boys from Chelsea/fulham, then again this is nothing new as lads from them area’s ride around most of London doing this stuff and have been for years, and lads from Islington/Chelsea have been known as being the worst for doing it and have been for the last 20 years or so or as long as I can remember.

I grew up in a big Estate in Pimlico close to Chelsea and also lived in Chelsea and was a local and know many locals in both area’s so used to see a million stolen scooters/motorbikes and it was always guys from Chelsea mainly, everyone knew about how ruthless the Chelsea lot were and it seems nothing has changed to this day…

And I can tell you now 1000000% the guys in the video above were out looking for a motorbike/maxi-scooters to take, and that scooter they are on is stolen without a doubt, they have big maxi scooters like Tmax’s and Beverly 350’s which they will have stashed away for their missions when they go out looking for bikes, again nothing new…