thieves on the prowl again

well now the bike is back home after the crash ive had it covered put a disc lock on with the yellow curly cord on the outside and a nice thick abus chain on the back as well as the alarm armed.

yet check it today and the cover was unclipped disc lock curly cord on the inside attached to the crash mushroom.

so i removed my seat cover out the old one back on and changed the end can with standard which was fun with one broken left hand and one broken right wrist lol

will be staying up late keeping an eye on her tonight

dump it up at my place if you can get it here some how. i’m off the main road and nobody weird comes lookin.

no can do the throttle tube is broken to rev her up today i was grabbing the linkage inside the frame.

just dont want vultures taking bits and pieces

if any of your fairings are okay you may want to take them off so they don’t get nicked.

not got much fairing left now the front is smashed i doubt theyll go to work getting the back end apart without my alarm going off.

the can is off so theres nothing easy to take well i hope

Scum :angry:

Hope you heal up quick mate

Where roughly are you based, bud? I’m pretty paranoid about mine since I found a couple of scrotes messing with it. Paranoia soon to increase further when I get a newer one.

Bro, stick in my garage until the insurance come look at it. My luton wont be available until Monday so hopefully someone can drop it off for you before then.

I can drop it off to Redz tomorrow if it’s ridable…PM me.

its in the streatham area

cheers ive got it chained to the lamppost outside my house now should be fine

afro the throttle tube is busted the only way to open the throttle is by grabbing the linkage inside the frame might be interesting riding it that way:w00t: