They're trying to kill me...

Probably not going to get out on the bike this weekend so went out for a little ride around to get some lunch. Everone on the roads is trying to kill me it appears although i was thankfully paying lots of attention. No signalling, no mirror checking, U Turns, red light running you name it. I know london drivers are bad but today was special! Also its damn cold and very little grip due to salt residue. Take care tonight!

Popped into Metropolis to see the new Gixxer 600 which was looking lovely but i think it is going to be too small for me. Knees were up way too high although i was wearing knee pads and motocross boots. Poked an R1 for a bit but a 1000 as your first sports bike (the man in Sondel reckoned i’d be fine hmmm)? Then had a look the 675Trumpet which defintely was better on the leg room front so i might have to forget about the GSXR750 and aim at the brit instead. As soon as the DVLA send my license back (i was very slow about sending it off to be upgraded) then its test ride time. I think my list is: 675, K5 GSXR750, K6 GSXR if i can find one, ZX636R, Mille RSV, and maybe an R1 just to scare myself!

All you had to do is listen to the traffic news this morning to realise that everyone is driving like muppets.

The 750 they’ve got iis stealth yummy. Lovvin the Sprint more though


Urea? Isnt that in urine? Cattle produce a lot of it i think. So to stop the roads from being icy they are applying a really slippery covering. Good thinking guys.:0