They're not all bad

Yes officer I do you big pipes


What do you think you can get in the shop behind her left sholder?

Trojan - If I thought for a minute the Met had coppers like her I’d be in bother with the police all the time…
If you see any let me know and I’ll start my life of crime…

You’d be surprised mate, there is actually quite a few lookers at various nicks !

Not that I’ve ever noticed of course !

hi trojan, cor… dont you scrub up well…i hardly reconised you…

An arresting sight! She could take down my particulars, ANYTIME!!!

Trojan now its only 99.8%

i would let her get me in handcuffs, anytime

Lol … it’s getting lower !

You didn’t recognise me as you’ve never seen me in a hat mate !

Is that a bullet proof vest I can see under her shirt